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8 comments | Tuesday, April 03, 2007

For those of you who don't know, I am one of the new designers at Divine Digital. I am so excited about this! I have one kit, "Sandy Days," that has been in my shop for a few weeks and I just added a new one in time for spring, "A Spring Garden." To celebrate this new venture for me and this new spring kit, I am giving away a minikit that goes with it as a freebie:

Also, to promote my other kit, "Sandy Days," I have a discount code for everyone visiting this blog and checking out my stuff. The code is "Fish Food" and when buying the "Sandy Days" kit you enter this code in the discount code section when you checkout and you will receive $1 off the kit!

I hope to be adding more kits and element packs to my store at Divine Digital this week, so keep checking my store and my blog for updates and freebies!

Also, my links have expired for my blog freebies "Sam's Kit" and my "Valentine's Kit." In celebration of my new deal with Divine Digital, I am activating these links today so get them while you can! If they aren't activited right away, check back as sometimes 4shared takes awhile.

To download the freebie, click on the image or go here. Since this freebie is now in my store it has to be downloaded directly from Divine Digital so please take the time to register and download it! And of course, check out all the other great stuff in the boutique, not just my stuff but other designers' stuff, too. There is some really great stuff!




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hy Cyndi,

I tried to download your spring garden freebie but I couldn't find the password that is needed for the download. Help!


11:42 AM

Anonymous tam said...

Hi what a lovely add on! I look forward to getting it! Thanks so much for sharing! I too did not find the password and I am new to your wonderful blog. So Is there a special place for the PW? I know some hide them in pots etc... sometimes. Thanks!

12:15 PM

Blogger cbwetfish said...

I fixed the password problem by removing it, so download away and thanks for checking out my blog!

12:55 PM

Blogger Shell said...

Congrats on becoming a Divine Digital Designer. Thanks for the cute freebie.

3:49 PM

Anonymous Nancy72 said...

Thank you so much for all your beautiful creations...;o) I really appreciate that the links to that GORGEOUS Valentine kit are still active!!!

5:41 PM

Blogger Peggie said...

This is so pretty. Thank you.

9:39 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for a great spring freebie! I am also trying to purchase your sandy kit over at divine digitals and am having problems getting your discount code to work. Hmmmm...maybe I will just try again later. Thank you!

9:44 PM

Blogger Sweet Pea said...

The kit is lovely, Cyndi, and I appreciate the freebie!

11:55 PM


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