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20 comments | Saturday, February 23, 2008

Well, I actually got this one posted in reasonable time, despite still being under the weather (frogs are still here). Today I put together a freebie that includes three papers and one border trim that match the download I have at Divine Digital today. I hope you like it:

Here is the download from Divine Digital---click on the image to get to the download:

And here is my blog freebie to match it:

While I am waiting for the freebie to be uploaded to my 4shared account, I thought I would ramble a bit about what I've been learning about the digi scrap community. We all know the "smack" blogs are out there and awhile back I was "smacked" around quite a bit. Been there, done that, hope the smackers leave me be. It seems that there is a lot of discontent about DigiShop Talk and to be honest, I just don't understand all of it.

Yes, I participate in the Designer Conference Room and it seems that this private forum for designers registered at DSTis being treated like a "club" and that the information discussed and shared is "top secret" and "hush hush." This is just NOT the case. For example, one of my truly favorite designers, Kristy Wiseman, is trying to raise funds for medical treatment for her daughter. So through the DCR, a bunch of us designers are putting together a charity kit. Now how can that be such a bad thing? This forum is where we, as designers, discuss what is and is not working in the digi scrap community, problems with our stores/sales, piracy (a really hot topic issue at the moment that thankfully I have not been the victim of that I know of) and sometimes just a place to get some pats on the back after being "smacked" around. So for those who are dying to be in the "know," that is what goes on.

In the same light, I must say that NOT being a well known, popular gal at DST isn't such a bad thing. Yes, I post some product previews, comment now and then in the Chatter thread and in the DCR and I always post a thread when I have freebies up. Other than that, I am a virtually unknown designer. As such, according to the "smackers" my freebies are crap. At least that seems to be the common opinion---if you are not a big designer like Shabby Princess, Weeds and Wildflowers, etc., than your freebies aren't worth downloading or even taking a looksee. This bugs me. I like making and giving away freebies and I truly see a lot of customers purchasing my products because they have downloaded a freebie or two of mine and like what they get. What do you think? Are my freebies worth downloading? Is it better that I am an unknown designer or does my unknown status make me "unwanted?" Seriously, I would like to know.

My freebie is uploaded so I will sign off on that note. I hope you comment and let me know your thoughts. I believe the truth lies with the customer so let me hear it!

Have a great weekend,



Anonymous Denise said...

Hi Cyndi,

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for your freebie. I really have enjoyed your designs.

I am new to digital scrapbooking and I have seen a lot of interesting things out there.

I try to take the time to read the designers' blogs and get to know the designers whose work I appreciate.

I have to say that I enjoy your work. Not all of it is to my taste, and I hope that it won't offend you for me to say so, because I think that you offer a quality product - and of course, just as people, some things will appeal to us more than others.

And in actuality, MOST of what you have designed appeals to ME, thus why I keep coming back.

I don't think you have to be a big designer to offer something cute. Everyone has to start somewhere, and if you like what you do, and others like what you do, then how big or small you are doesn't really matter. Plus that and the fact that just because you are BIG, doesn't mean you are going to hit a homerun every time.

So, keep up the good work and know that you are valued!

1:02 PM

Anonymous Lainey said...

Hi Cyndi,

I first noticed your stuff when you came out with your angler kit. We are a fishing family and I had loads of photos that I could use this with. The alpha is awesome.

What I like most about your designs is they are not cookie cutter kits. If I want papers or elements recolored I can do it myself. I don't want 25 recolored versions of the same thing in 5 different kits. KWIM??

I love papers and I enjoy making a lot of my own elements. Your papers and textures are top-notch!!


1:18 PM

Blogger Marianna said...

I don't understand why some people feel it is their place to "smack" people around. If you don't like something don't download. How simple is that?! I think these people must lack self esteem if they have to make others feel bad to make themselves feel good. Don't let them get you down, they are alwys going to be there. So do what YOU enjoy and don't get bogged down by their meaness.

1:42 PM

Blogger nora long said...

Hey Cyndi!

I just read through the comments, after reading your post. Here is my question: Why would anyone want to be another SP or W&W wanna be? I like their items, but I love yours! I kind of see it as shopping at a local designer shop rather than at Target or Macys. Nothing wrong with them, but I prefer to not have the same exact items as everyone else.

Can you make a living designing for folks like me? I don't know. Would any of us be better off if you, and designers like you, didn't sell kits or offer freebies any longer? No.

Design what makes you happy, what moves you, what you love, and there will always be people, like me, who are crazy about it.

Don't worry about dancing to the tune that the mega designers promote. Big doesn't mean better, smarter, more clever, more talented, or better loved. It's just bigger.

5:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cyndi, thank you very much for the lovely extra designs you give out with your day's posting.
I really appreciate the time and effort that you put into your designs and your blog.
I always enjoy the photos or layouts you share.

6:29 PM

Anonymous Nancy said...

Cyndi, I agree with Marianna, these people have serious self-esteem issues. They try to build themselves up by tearing others down. The only thought you should give them is pity, because they must be very miserable people. Nora Long is so right, too! Design what makes YOU happy, what moves YOU and what YOU love. That is when your creativity shines, NOT when you try to be someone you aren't. Cyndi, your designs are beautiful and unique! Thank you for sharing your talent and your heart!!

7:11 PM

Blogger Kim said...

Cyndi, thank you so much for your 'extras'. I do realize that it takes a lot of effort to come up with them all for every day your kit is featured for the DD! I love your variety. Personally, I have never been or heard of 'smack' blogs other than your references to them - I am very thankful that I haven't! I love seeing a designer's skill grow rather than just seeing kit after kit that all seem to be alike in many ways - like I said - I love your variety! Keep it up please :)

8:00 PM

Blogger Taryn said...

Your freebies are ABSOLUTELY worth downloading! I truly love your style. You have great talent & I appreciate your hard work & generosity. Thank you so much for sharing!!! =o)

8:58 PM

Anonymous wvsandy said...

Thank you for all the extra goodies! I appreciate your work. Don't let the nay-sayers get to you. There are snobs in every aspect of life. Just remember: "Those who care don't matter, and those who matter don't care." I'm old enough to tell you this is true.

9:03 PM

Blogger Shell said...

** LONG Post Alert hehe**
Thanks so much for all your hard work. In response to your last post about being known vs unknown, personally I like the "unknown" designers since they're usually more in my price range & their quality is for the most part top notch & they give outstanding customer service. There are tons of "big" name designers that I don't know because their prices are IMO way too much & some of the products are skimpy. Now I'm not saying this is the case with all the well knowns but I've come across a few that I loved their stuff & then got 'sticker' shock. I am a big sales shopper & will usually stock up at the right percentage off sale the "lil" people usually cater more to people in this range whereas the "big" guys rarely if ever put their stuff on sale. Also the 'unknowns' are more willing to talk to their customers in chats etc. I attended a chat with a 'big' name & we weren't even allowed to talk to the designer during the 'interview'. And the Q & A that followed was pointless & stupid to me since the questions asked weren't any I wanted to know the answers to. That alone turned me off from the person even though it wasn't her rule & to this day I can't even remember who the designer was. Anyway there are pros & cons to being known & unknown. Everybody started off as an unknown or newbie somewhere & so they should never forget where they came from or the people who helped them get to where they are now. I think so many forget this & suffer from what I call the "Denny Crane Syndrome".

Now for your designs... I'll say you've made a big improvement from some of your earlier stuff. As another poster said some of your stuff isn't my cup of tea but then I'm a plain Jane & well it's hard changing your stripes. But I've watched you learn from your mistakes & take the crap people talked about you & turned it into a positive. Kudos to you sweetie keep doing what you're doing don't worry about someone not liking your freebies just present your hind parts with a smile & a sign that says "Apply lips here" *Wink* Thanks again!

10:09 PM

Anonymous fl_connie said...

Hmmm - so you are "unknown", huh? Well - you are one of the first names that I recognized after finding (and loving) digi scrapping late last fall just because I loved your work. You offer refreshing & original designs that I adore, and I not only love your freebies, two of the very 1st kits that I bought were yours. Thank you for being there, for sharing your talent (and time) and don't let anyone "smack" you around! Some of the other comments have said it much better than I can - but know how much you are appreciated.

11:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Cyndi
I am appalled that anyone would give you grief over your lovely freebies. I love them! I've also purchased several of your products. I'm sitting here in front of my keyboard just at a loss for words as to how anyone could make you feel this way. On behalf of all of us who love your work - (((hugs))) Thank you for this latest installment of goodies - I am so loving this whole kit!!!!! :D

11:32 PM

Anonymous crlin said...

I just want to say that I can't believe you are considered "unknown"! Your freebys are wonderful and your work is great! I can't believe all the negatives that seem to be popping up in the digi community. I really don't think it is the majority of the people - don't let a few people ruin your day!! As far as having private chat rooms, what is the big deal? I don't see anything wrong with having a place where designers only can chat and support each other. Keep up the great work and ignore the negative people! Hugs!!

2:06 AM

Blogger Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

2:43 AM

Blogger chRICKstine said...

Hi Cyndi,

These are lovely. Thank you so much. Too bad I didn't make it to the "downloadables" before this.

Stay safe,

3:14 AM

Anonymous lynne said...

I didn't even know smack blogs exsisted until the whole CK mess of HOF and had no idea there was the same in the digi scraping world. I stopped by once or twice to see what was up. I found that I felt "dirty" after reading the stuff and haven't been back. I don't need that negativity in my world. I know it is hard not to take the crap to heart, but ignore it and don't bring that negativity into your life, your home and your heart.

Thanks for sharing your work with us.

3:26 PM

Blogger Angela said...

Cyndi - you are a fabulous designer, and a very generous one too! Your texture papers are fantastic, and a firm favourite with me when I'm looking for a background. Keep designing, and I love to pick up your goodies. I especially loved working with your papers as part of the RAKScraps CT too! Thank You very much.

4:01 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hiya Cyndi,

Just wanted to throw my $.02 in here, FWIW. Honestly, I didn't know you as a designer before you were first in the Scraphead shop - and I happened to be a lucky CT member. Since you left, and I found your blog, I've been a faithful follower.

Sure, there are designs of yours that don't appeal to me at the time, but I don't like EVERYTHING of ANYBODY! However, what I have loved of yours, I use over and over again. You may not be "big name", but you're QUALITY. There are some out there that just shouldn't be designing, and others that follow the latest fads. I agree with Lainey, I think it was, who said you're not "cookie-cutter". That's what I *so* love about you.

You keep designing and I'll keep using your stuff. Don't worry about the turkeys, sail above with the eagles like you. Cheers!

7:00 PM

Blogger Sheila said...

I too am fairly new to scrapping, and had no idea about the smack blogs. Don't those people have lives? Apparently not! Nothing better to do than criticize and pick at things.
I've been a frequent visitor to your blog ever since I found it. I love your designs! AND enjoy reading your thoughts.
I don't think you have to "known" or "big-time" to offer quality. And the quality will be recognized when seen! :-)
Thank you SO MUCH for all your freebies and goodies and your generosity with them!

11:35 AM

Blogger ciocichar said...

Just wanted you to know I don't own any stuff from Shabby Princess or Weeds and Wildflowers, but I sure do have a lot of stuff from "WETFISH DESIGNS"!! I love your textures, colors etc. Being outside the box is sometimes a good thing!!

2:27 PM


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