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3 comments | Friday, May 23, 2008

Well, it isn't dark yet so this still counts as a Friday Freebie. Yes, things are still crazy. I am working on the Download a Day at Divine Digital for June and preparing all the previews takes a lot of time. And yes, all throughout the month of June, whenever I am up as the featured Download a Day artist, I will have a coordinating add-on here on my blog, just like I did with "My Earth."

Did you see my tired gorilla? I just thought this was the cutest stock photo, so I made it into my ad for my "don't know when it will end" commercial use sale--I hope you find some good stuff:

I put a lot of new stuff in the shop lately. Have you seen anything? Bought anything? Grabbed one of the freebies? Actually, all the freebies that are up there were first posted here on my blog so for many of you they are not new. However, a lot of people don't visit or know about my blog, so I decided to put them up in the "sampler" section at Divine Digital to draw some new customers. Do you think it will work? We'll see....

Anyway, here are a few new products, including some "value packs" for those customers that are new to Wetfish Designs and either just have one or two things and would like to affordably add some more products, both commercial and personal use. I've been playing around with different preview backgrounds, trying to come up with something I like that will work with all my products, so excuse the jumping back and forth between preview backgrounds. I just can't seem to create something that says "me." I'll keep trying, but I don't want to confuse anyone! Click on the images to get to the product in my boutique:

This I put in the shop this morning....

And I put these in the shop yesterday:

And these a little earlier this week:

Here is the link to my store if you want to check out other things you may have missed when I announced them on DST and other places:


And I have a few more things to upload into my shop tonight, so look for an email if you are on my email list so you get the previews and also the announcements of when and where I post my freebies. Not on the list? Send me an email and I'll add you: cyndi@divinedigital.com

Now, last but certainly not least, is the Friday freebie. This is a trio of papers from my will-be-released-this-weekend paper pack, "Museum Papers: Collection Five." A bit more of a "modern art" museum look than the other papers, but I am having fun creating this set. Click on the image to download. "Museum Papers: Collection Six" will also debut this weekend so be on the lookout for these and more goodies.....and remember, personal use only and say hi if you download!

I'll be back blogging tomorrow with the second our four Memorial Day Weekend freebies, so make sure you put me on your blogging agenda.

Have a great night,



Blogger Dracowin said...

Thank you for the pretty papers! I really like all of the Museum Collection sets!

11:13 PM

Blogger Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

4:31 AM

Blogger Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for the FAB BGs!!!!!!!!!

4:00 PM


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