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1 comments | Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Okay, I am still new to being a designer and learning the inner workings of xcart, the system used at Divine Digital. So I got some emails about my coupon not working for the Sandy Days kit and I want everyone to know that I fixed it! Enter "fish food" (make sure you use lower case) upon check-out and it will work now so that you get a dollar off. So here is another freebie to make up for all the confusion over the fish food. This is a frame that I love from a kit I am working on, "Hank's Kit." It is for my little son Hank who is 8 months old. I'm hoping to finish the kit and have it in my store soon. If I get at least 500 downloads on this freebie I'll upload another freebie from Hank's kit tomorrow, so pass on the word! Click on the image to download. It is a png file so once the image appears in full, just right click and "save as."

And, to further celebrate my new kit, "A Spring Garden," I am gifting everyone who purchases the kit from my store at Divine Digital with a cute matching alpha for "A Spring Garden":

It is kind of like one of those free gifts you get at the cosmetic counter when you buy something. This is my version of free lipstick! So go on over to my store at Divine Digital and purchase my newest kit and I'll send you this fun alpha to go along with it! Make sure your email address is included when you check out so I can send you the download link.
Have a great day!


Anonymous Daphne said...

I love, love, love your Spring Garden kit. Thanks so much for the freebie! I'd love to get the whole kit (and of course the alphabet), but everytime I try and buy it, it says there is no delivery option for my address. I can order other kits from Divine Digital, just not yours! What can I do? Thanks for all your beautiful designs

6:48 PM


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