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3 comments | Thursday, May 31, 2007

Not only is Divine Digital having a great sale, with every purchase over $10 being 16% off (some exclusions, include the Grab Bag Sale), there is going to be another Grab Bag Sale starting tomorrow and I am just tickled with my bag!!!!! If any of my blogging buddies read this, if you buy my $2 Grab Bag at Divine Digital this weekend, I will send you a matching alpha!!!!!

Here is the preview (hint, hint about the colors!). My grab bag has over 60 MB of product and for some reason, perhaps it is my DSL, it took just about all day to upload it. I'm just so glad it finally is uploaded and while I waited I made this matching alpha:

And of course tomorrow I will have a Friday Freebie and most likely it will match my grab bag (hint, hint----again!!!). This week I was slow on the freebie end of things but I was really busy with my full time job---being mommy. One of my boys had the croup this week and now the other one has a cold. Not to mention all the other things that go with being mommy to two little boys still in diapers, one of which has decided that the proper place to put blueberry applesauce is all over mommy and all over the kitchen wall. At least I caught him before he tried to feed it to his fish!!! And I was also pretty busy putting together my grab bag for the sale this weekend. I hope you like it. It is perfect for summer, especially pool and little boy layouts (of course I have a preference for designs that scream "boy").

So stop back tomorrow and get the skinny on how to get your free alpha if you buy my grab bag and make sure you pick up my Friday Freebie.

Out for a night on the town with the MOMS Club (I'm the new president--LOL)---should be fun!




Blogger Tammy Dunlap said...

Love it TY so much!

1:28 PM

Blogger Fishinmom said...

Love the color combo!


6:48 PM

Blogger momto4boys said...

this little kit is awesome, TFS

11:00 AM


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