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1 comments | Saturday, May 26, 2007

I gave out a freebie over National Scrapbook Day called "The Necktie." Since I took it down from my blog as a freebie I added some more papers to it and I've now put it in my store. So if you missed the chance to get it for free when it was up for NSD, you can at least get it for 50% off this weekend since my store is on sale. (coupon code: remember)

Here is the final kit---hope you like it! It is perfect for Father's Day so grab it and scrap the man in your life and/or great father to your kids!

I've had a few emails from bloggers giving me links to layouts they did with my Memorial Day freebie, "Remember." Thanks for doing that---I just love to see how other people use my stuff to preserve their memories. I'll be sending you your freebie Alpha on Monday! If you haven't done it yet, why not? You get a free alpha to match the "Remember" freebie (which also matches my "Liberty" kit) so it is worth it to let me take a peek! This offer is good until the end of July as I know many will have 4th of July as well as Memorial Day photos to scrap. If I forget, remind me (two boys in diapers leaves me a bit dazed and forgetful at times).

That's it, I'll be back Monday night with a freebie. But you know I can't sign off without posting one of my newer photos of my boys. The first is Sam. Sometimes he just gives me the craziest looks. This is one of them. I think it is precious! The second is Hank. He was hanging out in the baby pool (no water in it yet) with our dog, Gyro. I just think it is a funny picture because he is in the pool with clothes on and no water. And I also like it because I don't have many photos of our dogs with the boys that are good.

Have a safe and happy holiday,



Anonymous mm said...

Your boys are so cute. I also really like the father's day kit. Great work you do. Thank you.

10:50 PM


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