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0 comments | Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I just posted my first "Ready! Set! Shoot!" photo challenge at Divine Digital. It starts today and it has to do with photographs that are wet, layouts that are wet and quotes that are wet. Sound wet? Well, check it out and give it a whirl:

I haven't made my layout yet for the challenge. I am waiting for the rain to subside a little so I can go outside and shoot something wet--probably my son as it will be hard to keep him inside if I am outside. When I get my layout done I'll post it here so everyone can see what the challenge is all about and how they so want to participate (do I sound desperate for participants?). The deadline to post is Monday, May 20th at midnight and the participation freebie is a sampler from one of my kits. Hope you can join me!

Now, onto other important things like Mother's Day. We had a great day relaxing at my inlaws. They have a pool and I swear I came home with ten sets of wet clothes (now you know where I got the idea for my photo challenge!!!) from Sam constantly jumping in the pool with his clothes and shoes on. He even jumped in wearing his pajamas! All in all it was great because I love to see my boys play with their cousins and for the first time in ages my husband actually let me take his picture with Henry. I hardly have any photos of him with my little baby and so I am happy to have these. This is my favorite and the other one is Sam in the pool with clothes on and the soggiest wet diaper I have ever seen--it was so soaked he had trouble walking when he got out of the pool:

My "Buy the Store Sale" was a big success and I am happy that I was able to give my "fans" a deal for Mother's Day. I will probably do it again next Mother's Day so if you missed out you'll have to wait until next year. I will, however, be having a sale over Memorial Day weekend and I'm putting a couple new things, one of which is patriotic, in the store. So keep an eye on my blog for details. And don't forget to come back Friday for your Friday Freebie and if you choose to participate in the photo challenge I am running at Divine Digital I promise you a good freebie is yours to be had for the price of a layout!

Until Friday,



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