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4 comments | Thursday, May 10, 2007

I am so excited about my new kit, "Lily." I love Lily Pulitzer designs, especially her vintage fabrics. Her clothes are oh so colorful and cheery but oh so expensive and way beyond my SAHM budget. So I was looking at a website that had some of her collections and I was inspired to create a kit that is everything "Lily" and everything I can't afford but want to play with as far as color, design, patterns, etc. So today's freebie and the freebie tomorrow for Mother's Day coordinate with my new kit in my store at Divine Digital. All together, between the two freebies and the store kit (which you can snag for one day on Sunday during the $5 buys the store sale. I love the colors in this kit because they are so versatile. They are perfect for summer layouts, baby layouts (especially the balloon papers and elements) and just great to scrap photos of you or your daughter or someone you know in Lily Pulitzer dresses. I had so much fun that I will probably expand on this kit and move on to other Lily colors and themes. Here's a preview of the full kit I plan on stocking tomorrow in my store at Divine Digital, so get prepared for what is in store over the next few days:

And here is a preview of my Friday freebie, although technically it is a Thursday freebie. But tomorrow I have a lot to do and I don't want to post it late so that the freebie hunters miss it. I love those guys, especially Selena who helped me out today in a major way and helped me help a young girl with body image issues feel good about herself. So enjoy the freebie and remember, personal use only and gotta leave a comment to keep the designer happy and inspired! Click on the preview to download!

And Saturday I will be posting my Mother's Day "Lily" mini-kit so make sure you stop back, say hi, check out the goods and a photo or two I'm bound to post as I have a ton of my boys from this past week. And if you aren't on my email list, get on it if you want to buy my store for Mother's Day for $5. I am only sending the coupon code via email to my customers and blog buddies. To get on it, send me an email: cyndi@divinedigital.com
Have a great night and happy freebie Friday,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats a really cute kit
thanks for the freebie

8:26 AM

Blogger Rose said...

Thank you for sharing your talent.... The colors in this kit are beautiful.... Can't wait to shop on Sunday....

9:05 AM

Blogger grambie said...

Thanks for the wonderful paper pack with all its bright colors. Love the crossed stitched patterns on the papers. Well this is one way to afford her designs, build your own collection of fabrics. So cute. TFS.

4:19 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the beautiful papers - love the colors!


10:23 PM


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