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3 comments | Friday, May 04, 2007

I hope everyone had a great day grabbing freebies all over the place. It seems every digital scrapbooking store and blog has something special going on to celebrate NSD. I am so glad you stopped by my little blog to help me celebrate.

Here is the third and final freebie of the day. It coordinates with the first two but in a different way. Hope you like it and stop back again tomorrow for more freebies---four this time!! As always, click on the image to download and personal use only. Comments are nice, too!

See you tomorrow, hope you'll be back! And don't forget about my grab bag---I'm positive you will be delighted with your goodies!



Anonymous sara said...

thanks for the 3 freebies today! you are so right -- it seems like everybody has a deal for NSD!!! i don't think i'll ever get through all my email LOL.

11:35 PM

Anonymous rae_j said...

Thanks for more great papers - they complement each other so well.

8:56 AM

Anonymous tammy dunlap said...

GO run as fast as you can to buy her grabbag at Divine Digital!!! It is 194 MB and only $2.00!!! I just went and bought it and I am downloading the HUGE grabbag as I type!!! HAPPY NSD!!! DONT MISS THIS DEAL!

10:52 AM


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