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2 comments | Friday, May 04, 2007

As I mentioned yesterday, I will be posting several freebies throughout the day. I have three to post today and will post them at various times, so keep coming back so you don't miss out on any of them! After the NSD weekend is over, these freebies will be taken down so I can put them in a kit for my store, so now is the chance to grab them for free. My store at Divine Digital is also on sale until Monday so you don't want to miss stopping by there, too!

So, last night I sent out a group email to all my customers to advertise my blog freebies this weekend and the sale at my store. As one customer kindly pointed out, all the email addresses was listed in the "to" line. What an idiot I am! Could it possibly be because my baby was up all night the night before teething and keeping me awake? Well, I guess that is one excuse. But really, I should know better. So if you are one of those customers who received my promotional email, so sorry that I did that and next time I promise to use the "BCC" line so the email addresses are hidden. :) Can you tell I am new at all of this? LOL!!! In case you didn't get this email from me and want to get an email whenever my store goes on sale or I have freebies on my blog, just send me an email with "Freebie List" in the subject line and I'll add you to my list (I promise to never send emails with addresses showing again!): cyndi@divinedigital.com

Now, before I post today's freebie I need to post a couple photos of my sons. Afterall, a mother has to show off her kids, right?

Here's Hank, now 9 months old:

And here is Sam, 2 years old:

So far my grab bag at Divine Digital is selling!! I have had several orders and I haven 't even had my morning cup of coffee!!!. If you bought it already, thanks so much for making a morning without coffee capable thus far. If you haven't checked it out yet, here is the preview (click on image to get to my grab bag at Divine Digital):

Right now my grab bag is 9 out of 10 on the bestseller list so that kind of bums me out. I hope that people who buy it spread the word about how GREAT my grab bag deal is and the FANTASTIC domestic (that is my hint) products that I included. To further tease you to buy this grab bag, when I uploaded it to Divine Digital it took an hour and 1/2 because it was over 100MB. That should give you a clue as to the amount of products I put in my bag!!!!! If I end up being the worst grab bag sale at Divine it will just be a big old bummer.

And here is today's first freebie, papers from my upcoming "Cabana" kit. I texturized them using photos I took while on vacation in Florida. Some are sandy, some have a feeling of drift wood and others the feel of palm trees (leaves and bark). And most are bright and cheery as this will be a summer kit. Hope you like it! As always, personal use only and leave a comment if you download. I love to read them all!

Happy NSD and see you later on today,



Blogger Lynn said...

Ooooooh....I can tell I'm gonna love this kit. The colors are great.
Oh, and...those 2 young men of yours are simply "edible"! lol

10:14 AM

Anonymous Diana D said...

Your two boys are the cutest!
Thank you for the sharing these great papers with us! I love your work. Your colors are wonderful!!!

8:42 PM


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