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6 comments | Monday, April 23, 2007

There is just something about Mondays that drags you down. Instead of seeing it as a fresh start to a new week in life, I don't. At least not this week. It is the day my husband goes back to work and I'm left alone with the kiddies, and this particular Monday we are all down with a cold. I have to look forward to a whole day of chasing after my kids with the snot sucker. What fun! I did manage to find some time in my cold-medicine induced haze to play on my computer and roll out some freebies. But first, some business from Hank's Kit. I offered to anyone who emailed me a 50% off coupon for this kit and no one emailed me :( My poor email account is depressed about this. Poor little Hank is depressed about this. So I am just going to post the coupon here and hope that someone sees what a fantastic deal this is (especially if you check out how MUCH stuff is in the full kit). Click on the coupon and it will take you directly to my store where you can check it out and purchase it if you like it.

Now for the "weekend of illness freebies" as I am calling them....

if for some reason 4shared asks for a password, it is divine...

I was in a grungy kind of mood and this is the result. I added it to my "dream" livingroom assortment of papers and elements so these might work with some of the living room freebies you may have already downloaded. Here they are:

And this could be a journaling box for a grungy page

or even a heritage page since it looks old...And this is just an oval frame. You could make it into a mirror if you know how to do that with Photoshop, PSP, or whatever program you use to scrap with. Has a lot of possibilities.

Well, I hope you like these freebies that are a result of many kleenex tissues, coughing fits and shots of cold medicine. And he, leave a comment. This stuffed up, cranky mommy could use some love this morning. Have a great day and I hope it is snot free...




Blogger Shell said...

Thanks for the gorgeous pieces. The first one has ticked off 4shared so you might have to change the file name.

9:32 AM

Blogger ... that LadyD! said...


10:37 AM

Blogger SAHM said...

Sorry that your Monday isn't starting off the best way [I too have a cold/allergies, though my son's as healthy as that horse]; sorry, too, that no one asked for the coupon. I'm on a limited budget, so I couldn't've, but it's a great kit - honest. :-)

10:42 AM

Anonymous Lauren said...

The grungy tags are a great add on! Thanks for sharing!

10:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pretty frames

4:06 PM

Anonymous sara said...

love the frames and tags! thanks!!

11:46 PM


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