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7 comments | Thursday, April 12, 2007

I'm working on a new kit and I am using textures, colors and patterns for my "dream" living room. In other words, the living room I hope to have someday after the invasion of cars, trucks and noisy toys has passed (many years to go!). This all came about because I was looking at paint swatches for my son's room. Hank sleeps in the dining room because we haven't gotten around to redecorating the guest room. Probably because it involves me having to get rid of clothes, furniture and other things I have a hard time letting go of for sentimental reasons. But, Hank can't sleep in the dining room forever, so out came the paint swatches and my mind started racing with color ideas for his new room and the rest of our house. So I was inspired to start a new kit, "The Livingroom." This kit will probably not be in my store until next month, but this mini-kit is a preview of what is to come. I hope you like it and use the coupon to visit my store (it is included in the download). As always, personal use only and please leave a comment if you download. It helps keep the freebies coming, believe me! Click on the image to download...

Have a great day and I hope you enjoy the freebie,



Anonymous Nancy72 said...

Thank you so much for the pretty Peachy-Green kit...;o)

11:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the colors!! Thanks so much :)

1:16 AM

Anonymous walking-girl said...

A wonderful kit. tfs

3:36 AM

Blogger Shell said...

Love the colors in the new kit. Just so you know I downloaded some of your stuff DD & it worked fine for me so maybe its user error & not you or DD's fault. Thanks for the goodies.

4:17 PM

Blogger Daniela said...

Love the polka dots. Thanks for sharing!

7:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great colors and designs for a living room! Thank you so much for sharing, it is appreciated! BettyJoR

10:51 PM

Blogger Summers Camp said...

Such cute colors! Thanks so much!

10:04 PM


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