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0 comments | Friday, April 06, 2007

I am so excited that I get to give out my first "Friday Freebie!" For so long I have enjoyed the Friday Freebies from other designers that now I get to give one out in return. Yeah! This is a paper from a kit I am working on called "Boca Grande." My husband and I got married there (it is in Florida) and we were there last month. I took a lot of texture photos and beach photos to make into papers and elements. This is the first page and it will go great with any of your upcoming or previous beach photos. It will also go perfectly with my "Sandy Days" kit over in my shop at Divine Digital. Click on the preview to download...and remember, personal use only.

I'm trying to keep a steady pace with designing, but it is tough with two boys in diapers! I did, however, manage to load two new paperpacks into my shop. The first is "A Preppy Girl" and the second is "A Spring Garden Paper Pack Add-On." For those of you who purchased or downloaded either of my Spring Garden kits (free one and the full kit), both of these paper packs will accent them nicely. And I've priced them at $1.50 each so they are an affordable gift for your personal digital Easter basket! Here is a preview and if you want to check them out in my store, just click on the preview and it will take you there. And, to celebrate my son's fish "Otis" surviving the night (he is looking a little ill and not swimming around the tank too much), I've created a coupon for the Preppy Girl Paper Pack. Type in Otis as the coupon code and you'll get 10% off.

And of course there are always exciting things going on over at Divine Digital but this Saturday promises to be extra special as it is their Grab Bag Sale. Of course I have a grab bag in there so make sure you check it out! All the grab bags are $2 and what you get is a "mystery" since all you get in the preview is a picture of a bag. But I promise I stashed some really awesome goodies in my bag so make sure you check out the Grab Bag Sale this weekend. It starts Saturday at noon. Here is the ad so you know all the details:

Here's hoping you have a great Easter or Passover holiday and say a prayer for Otis. He needs it...


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