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0 comments | Thursday, April 05, 2007

I am still slowly learning how to be a designer, at least in the selling part. Figuring out what to upload, how to upload it, where to upload it, etc. etc. has been a real learning experience for me. Thanks to all of you who tried to purchase my kits but couldn't. But guess what? Now you can! I fixed all the kinks in my store and it should be working now for people to purchase and use the fish food coupon to get $1 off my Sandy Days kit. Thanks for your patience and if you still have trouble, please email me: wetmiller@verizon.net

I like this whole freebie thing. Whenever I go to my 4shared account and see how many people have downloaded my stuff, it makes me feel so good! So here is another freebie for you, a sticker from my upcoming "Hank's Kit." I based this whole kit on the colors and theme of a sleeper my little Hank wore until about a month ago when he got too big. It was a cream colored sleeper with green, blue, red and yellow dinos on it, along with some palm trees. So that should give you a pretty good hint as to what the whole kit will be like! Here's the sticker, hope you like it! Click on the image to download...

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!



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