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7 comments | Saturday, April 14, 2007

Yes, that is right, it is yet another gift with purchase (aka tube of lipstick). Last time it was an alpha to go with my A Spring Garden kit (you still get that if you buy the full kit!), this time it is part 2 of the Livingroom. Purchase ANYTHING in my store, even using coupons I may have given you, and I will send you this mini-kit that I am calling "The Livingroom Part 2." I'm having a lot of fun playing with color schemes for my dream living room so I am sure there will be more to come as freebies or tubes of lipstick. And it is just a coincidence that these colors (not the green tone) are colors of lipstick I wear and buy! Click on the image and it will take you directly to my store. I hope you get this little gift (gosh, I feel like the lady at the cosmetic counter) and make lots of great layouts with it!

Now, for all you mothers out there, I need some opinions. I am running an advertisement in the local paper's Mother's Day edition for my photography business (I photograph kids). I can't decide which ad to put in the paper so I am taking an opinion poll. Leave a comment and let me know which of the two you prefer. One has the line about giving the gift of memories (not sure if that is tacky) and the other has a different color tone to it and less wording (no mushy memory stuff). So if you were a mom looking at this ad, which would make you want to book a session with me? Every tenth person who leaves a comment with their vote gets my tube of lipstick (above kit, not an actual tube of my lipstick) free! Thanks! And yes, this is my little Hank. My other son, Sam, just won't sit still these days for his mom to take his portrait (he just turned two).


Blogger VJ's Scrap Room said...

Okay..just because you asked.:)

I think either one would be great..but I think instead of saying something about memories..how about"For those Special Moments in your life".
Just a thought.:)


4:50 PM

Anonymous Penny said...

I really like the first one...I am partial to B&W photos, especially babies...so that may have a little to do with it...:) I wouldn't worry about being too mushy, you did say it's in a mother's day ad group, and moms do get mushy about their baby's pics, so I think it's very appropriate.
Ok so there's my 2 cents...good luck!

11:47 AM

Anonymous Joanne K at RAKscraps said...

OK: You asked!!

I like the one with the memories line, but I think I would move it to the top, because it sort of gets lost in the rest of the print.

Your baby is the perfect model for this ad, by the way!!

6:38 PM

Anonymous katiedidit said...

I like the first one. But, being an ad, and targeted at "us commonfolk", I think you should add a line to make it obvious what you are offering, i.e., photography. Should be obvious, but you'd be surprised how many people won't understand.
Something like, Give the give of memories ...
in a photo by .. Wetfish Designs
Photography by ... Wetfish Designs.

Just a thought!

11:50 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love them both - what a darling!!
"Capture the Moment in a Photo"
would be great and all the other suggestions are great too!
Good luck!


7:40 AM

Anonymous karinkay said...

I love 'em both, but the top photo slightly edges out the second. I love the big, innocent eyes in the first photo.

11:18 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

These are both just wonderful. My input is coming too late so hope you have great success, whichever you chose! Kat

6:47 PM


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