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2 comments | Sunday, April 15, 2007

They were predicting a huge snow storm coming our way today and I am so happy it didn't come. I'm done with snow and cold. Bring on the sunshine and heat! So since it is a rainy day and my share of the painting of Hank's room is done for now (I trim and cut in), I made two alphas to go with my first livingroom freebie and the second one that is my "tube of lipstick." (see previous post). Hope you like it and leave me a comment if you snag it. Have a great week and keep checking back as I've got more fun freebies planned. Click on the image to download this set and its green partner from my 4shared acccount. No passwords.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing !
In France, it is sunny and warm ;0)))

8:19 PM

Anonymous Diana D said...

Love your alphas. Thanks for sharing!!

11:53 PM


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