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9 comments | Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Yesterday I had a few precious hours to myself which is rare, considering I am a SAHM with two boys in diapers. Anyway, when I get such precious hours to myself I usually hang at the local coffee house, the Kind Cafe. The theme at this place is "be kind." Everything is organic, they encourage natural living and most, if not all, of the art they own and display is made of recycled metals (one of the owners is an artist who specialty is metal design). There is always cool music playing and the good folks who work there are as kind as can be to everyone who walks in the door. In addition, they host art exhibits and I was lucky enough to show my photography there in February. So as I was sitting there yesterday, I noticed one of the signs near the garbage can where you throw away cups and place dirty dishes. It said "be kind." And it struck me. I need to do a kit based on the colors and overall kind theme of this great place where I create so many layouts and kits. So I started working on it yesterday and put together a little freebie because, after all, I was in the mood to "be kind." The colors in the kit are the colors of the walls and fabrics of the cafe and the metal elements all represent the metal artwork on display by the owner. I also included some word art in the main kit, basically some of my favorite quotes about charity and kindness.

Now, for this freebie. You get three textured papers, 2 tags and five metal elements, including a smiley face, three trees (i.e. recycle, organic, etc) and one cluster frame. And of course, a coupon to get some goodies at my store. They are having a contest over at Divine Digital for highest sales and I'm aiming high, so cash in those coupons and help the newest designer on the block get her work noticed! The full version of the Be Kind kit will be stocked tomorrow so stop by my shop and check it out. Click on the preview to download from 4shared and remember, personal use only!

And this is Sam, the son I haven't managed to introduce on this blog. He just turned two and I love him to death!

And here is a sneak peek at the full Be Kind kit that will be in my store soon:

Have a great day and hey, be kind to someone, especially if you download this freebie or any other freebies floating around the web today. Designers love feedback and comments, and they especially love it when you visit their stores and see all the other goodies they have to offer you as a digital scrapper. Be kind today....




Blogger Shell said...

Thanks so much

9:43 AM

Anonymous crosstown said...

Cyndi your son is very handsome and the cafe sounds like a wonderful place. Thank you for shareing it with us.

9:58 AM

Anonymous Joanne K said...

Thank you Cindi!! That cafe sounds like a wonderful "escape". I love the trees in this sample, and the multi frame is beautiful.

11:36 AM

Blogger Lizzerd said...

scrumptious papers, great elements, love the framework-multi-thingy! tfs

2:43 PM

Anonymous mm said...

I fell in love with this. Awesome work. Thank You.

3:19 PM

Anonymous Sabrina said...

Love the kit, especially the tree elements. And such an unusual color scheme too.

By the way, the coloring on your blog makes the text a bit hard to read. Not a criticism, but more of an observation.

4:08 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great freebie...loved the colors! Thanks so much.

9:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gayle said

Thankyou so much I love the colours :)

3:27 AM

Blogger Daniela said...

You artists find inspiration everywhere, don't you? I love it! Thanks for sharing!

10:33 AM


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