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0 comments | Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I just stocked my store at Divine Digital with the full version of my "Be Kind" freebie that I've been giving away this week. Thanks guys for all the kind comments and I'm glad you like the design of this kit. Visit my store and enter be kind in the coupon code box at checkout and you will receive 25% off your order. What can I say, I'm being kind. In addition, you get another coupon in the download after you purchase for a future visit and purchase at my store. Here's a closer look at the full kit:

In addition, I've created a really great metal alphabet that I will give to everyone who purchases this latest addition to my store. The alpha will be a direct download from my 4shared account and I will email you the link. So get on over to the store and get 25% off this packed kit, a coupon for later use AND a free alpha! And be kind to someone today to help me celebrate this kit.


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