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10 comments | Friday, April 20, 2007

I am just getting ready to put "Hank's Kit" in my store and so I have a freebie for you that is basically all the pieces I couldn't fit in the kit because I just didn't know when to stop making stuff and it go to be too large. So you get the lucky leftovers! I had a lot of fun making this kit! Here are two layouts I did of Hank with the kit---

And here is the freebie. Click on the preview to download via 4shared:

Have a great weekend everyone and cash in those coupons I've been giving out!


Anonymous Paula Patrick said...

This is so cute! Thank you so much for sharing your hard work and talent with us!

2:22 PM

Anonymous Leslie said...

this is adorable! TFS!

2:28 PM

Anonymous crosstown said...

Wonderful boy kit. Thanks so much.

4:32 PM

Blogger paula said...

This is wonderful! So beautiful, yet so boy-cute! Thank you for your gift!

4:43 PM

Anonymous brittneyl said...

thanks! I LOVE THE DINOS!! SOOOO cute.

5:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for this cute kit. My DGS loves prehistoric animals and this will be a nice addition to a layout for him. cg

9:45 PM

Blogger SAHM said...

I posted at 4shared, but in case you don't get those comments quickly - I know I'm tired when I read your LO as "Hank Seven for Little Boys." :-) Thanks much for your kit and the freebie. :-)

1:41 AM

Blogger Scrapcat4914 said...

Thank you so very much for the cute freebie!!

5:39 PM

Blogger Pegg said...

very, very cute--thanks. Peggy

7:42 PM

Anonymous Lourdes Manners said...

Wow this is so awesome. My 4 yr old loves loves dinosaurs. Can't wait to use it. TFS!!!!!!

12:38 PM


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