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5 comments | Sunday, April 29, 2007

Yes, I am no longer the grouchy mother of two sick boys. Now it is just one sick boy! And, of course, we will celebrate the diminishing number of tissues being used and hours of sleep being lost with a freebie!

Hope you like it :) Fishies aren't included, sorry! Click on the image to download!

Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments and words of kindness wishing me and my boys healthier days ahead. I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I truly believe tomorrow will be a less snotty day!
I must also thank the goddess Selena for sending huge numbers of scrappers my way who otherwise probably wouldn't have arrived at my little blog. Thanks again, Selena! Love your freebie hunter blinkie!

Enjoy this freebie and the coupon I've enclosed for my birthday kit. It will arrive in my store early next week and I'll post an update here on my blog when it gets there safe and sound.

Have a wonderful Sunday and thanks for stopping by!




Blogger Daniela said...

Thanks for the freebie! I don't have 2 sick boys at home but I have a teething toddler. Not nearly as much work, but keeps me up at night... But for both of us, it will be better soon... Have a great week!

5:00 AM

Anonymous sara said...

cyndi: what cute mats! thanks for sharing your work with us :)


p.s. i am seeing black text on a dark gray background for your blog, but i'm not sure if that is just my computer/browser. it is really hard to read though. :(

1:02 PM

Blogger Shell said...

Thanks! Love the bright colors.

3:14 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your designs and always place your freebie on my freebie pages!

I am inviting you to check out the new Designers Forum. I have created a forum strictly for designers to post their freebies with photos!

I can see this being a central meeting place for all designers freebies.

All freebies are available to view by the public, and there is no cost to you!

Take a look at this new and innovative idea of mine and see what you think.

No one will miss out on your freebie ever again, not to mention the traffic it will bring!

There is help to post your photos there and it is really easy to snag them from your blog or website!

I hope you join the Designer Forum to list your freebies!


Warmest Regards, Digi Debz

6:01 AM

Blogger Julie P. aka babyofmine said...

Glad your boys are almost all better! :)
thanks for the journal scraps. :D

2:27 PM


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