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27 comments | Thursday, April 26, 2007

Well, I'm down with a cold and so are my boys, so I'm posting tomorrow's freebie now while I have the energy and a chance! And, since I'm posting early, I might just make all the famous blog freebie lists! So far Selena is my girl as she always grabs my freebies and gets people here to my blog to download them. Thanks Selena!

Here is a goodie bag from my birthday kit. I was originally not going to put this kit in my shop at Divine Digital, but I changed my mind because I liked the direction it was taking as I was creating it---it was getting bigger and bigger by the minute. And, since this kit is a lot different than my other designs, I wanted to see if I could get some new traffic to my store with a different style. Right now my "A Spring Garden Freebie Add-On" is the best seller at Divine Digital which cracks me up because how can it be a best "seller" when it is free? Well, I'm flattered that everyone likes it but I'd be more flattered if something I sold was a bestseller! Then I would really feel like I've arrived.

So this freebie includes a number of cute things I left out of the kit to give to all my blogging buddies, even those who do not leave comments :(. Since I am sick and tired and grouchy (can you tell?), I skipped the preview design and I'm just going with this beautiful lunch bag, so the goodies are not unveiled until you download (believe me, you'll like them if you've liked the puzzle frames and flowers I've handed out so far). There are elements and papers in this goodie bag since it is Friday (well, almost)! And of course, I included a coupon for 25% off you entire order from my store (hint, hint...) Click on the preview to download, be nice and leave a comment, stop by my store and check out my stuff and use your coupon and remember, personal use only:

If I am feeling better and my boys are feeling better, I might blog again over the weekend with another freebie so check back!




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for this wonderful 'surprise'. It's such perfect timing to make some artwork for my mom's birthday which is tomorrow.
Thank you once again!

4:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way, I hope you and your son will get better soon. I'll pray for you.

4:29 PM

Anonymous Meg said...

feel better soon!!

ty for the freebie

5:49 PM

Anonymous Tennie said...

Have the 'bag' on D/L. Have enjoyed your other work so feel this will be great too.

I just got over that cold--so I really sympathize.

5:55 PM

Blogger twoboyz00 said...

Thanks so much for the goodie bag. Hope you all are feeling better soon!

12:44 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok Cindi - I was a bad, bad bblog visitor -the grab bag peaked my interest so I downloaded, unzipped then and only then came back to comment. Forgive me please? These goodies are adorable!!!! Especially liked the pink & blue ballons and the candy! Thanks!!!

1:02 AM

Blogger LuAnn said...

feel better! and thanks for the goodies...can't wait to unpack my lunch bag LOL...

6:56 AM

Anonymous donwilmom said...

I love gift bags! Thanks for being so thoughtful even when you are grouchy! Feel better soon.

10:36 AM

Anonymous Sabrina said...

Thank you for sharing your work with us even though you're going through a difficult time.

12:13 PM

Anonymous Nancy72 said...

Thank you, cyndi...i love surprises...;o)

12:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

TY for the surprise! I hope you and your boy are feeling better soon! :)

2:01 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

TY for the surprise! I hope you and your boy are feeling better soon!

2:02 PM

Blogger Muka said...

oh, boy... I love surprises!! lol, thanks so much, and hope you feel better soon!

4:18 PM

Blogger Lene said...

can't wait to see what's in the bag :) thank you for sharing. :)

4:39 PM

Anonymous Brooke said...

Sorry you're feeling poorly, Cindi. Selena sent me over to check out your freebie. I hope you and your boys feel better soon. Thanks so much for sharing.

4:44 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've always loved grab-bags...such a treat!

thanks so much.

4:57 PM

Blogger Shell said...

Sorry you're sick & hope you guys all get better. Thanks for the cute brown bag & Im sure what's in it will be delightful.

5:44 PM

Blogger Scrapcat4914 said...

Hope that you and your son's are feeling better real soon!!!
Get plenty of rest!!
Thank you so very much for the goodie bag!! DL now as I write!!!

Found out you had it from Selena's list today!!

5:58 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lunch bag - can't wait to open it. I am a fan of your spring kit and the freebie and am looking forward to seeing more of your designs at Divine. Hope you are feeling better soon.


7:05 PM

Anonymous Josie said...

Thanks for the treats and I hope you and your boys are feeling much better tomorrow. Also, just an FYI, DigiDebz is where I found thie link.

7:13 PM

Blogger grambie said...

Thanks for the wonderful bag of love. So nice of you. Hope you are feeling much better & can enjoy a happy weekend. I really appreciate your dedication & love that you share so freely with us.

7:25 PM

Blogger larissa said...

Thanks for sharing

9:26 PM

Anonymous crosstown said...

Hope you are feeling better soon and thanks for thinking of us.uow

10:00 AM

Anonymous keira said...

Hope you feel better soon and thank you for the great freebie!

10:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you! Hope you and your family get to feeling better soon. It is allergy season here...so our whole family is down with that. Thank you for the special surprises.

11:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks! ~ AJ (:

11:55 AM

Blogger Julie P. aka babyofmine said...

thanks for the bag o goodies!

2:25 PM


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