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1 comments | Wednesday, May 09, 2007

This weekend is Mother's Day and I just love this day. I love loving my mother and love being a mother. We have a special family day planned and I have a special SALE planned just for my blogging buddies and current customer list (if you aren't on it and haven't received emails from me it isn't too late---just send me an email: cyndi@divinedigital.com).

On Sunday, just Sunday, in honor of all the Mother's who scrap their hearts out, you can purchase my entire store (yes, that's right ENTIRE store) for $5!!!!!! On Monday you can't. So make sure to leave some time on Sunday to take advantage of this great sale and stay tuned for details on the coupon code I will only send by email that you will need to participate in this great sale of mine. Again, if you have never received a promotional email from me or a thank you email for purchasing a product of mine, you aren't on this special list. Get on it by emailing me: cyndi@divinedigital.com I do not share this list with anyone so there is no need to worry about giving me your email address.
I was supposed to host a journaling challenge at Divine Digital this weekend in honor of their "Digital Restoration" mega kit being released and their "Scrapping Take Me Away" event. Since I haven't heard back from anyone, I guess I'm not doing this. But you are the ones who luck out because since I haven't had to work on my challenge, I have two new things to add to my store that I know you will love. And these new items will be a part of the private sale I am having. Yeah!! I will also have a great Mother's Day freebie posted Saturday as Sunday we will be away with my husband's family. So make sure you blog on by Saturday and pick up another gift from me to celebrate being a mother or having a mother!

As soon as I have a preview of the Digital Restoration mega kit, I will post it here so everyone can check it out. I loved doing my bit for this and from what I've seen from the other designers, it will be a fantastic buy.

Have a great sunny day,


Blogger grambie said...

Thanks for your wonderful grabbag for NDS celebration. I think it is so wonderful that you willingly gave of your extra designing skills to prepare this huge bag for only $2. I think your set of bags were the largest of downloads in comparison to many others that I viewed. I left a little message to you @ point of sale. Anyway, again, thanks.

5:47 PM


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