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1 comments | Friday, May 11, 2007

Surprised? Well, that's what I'm good for, lots of surprises. I sent an email but realized so many of the emails I sent came back rejected because email servers think I'm spam :(

So here are the details:

1. Buy everything in my store EXCEPT the commercial use product. This includes all the kits (even the new one I just posted this morning) and paperpacks. To do this you need to put all the products in your basket. On the shopping card page there will be a space for a coupon code. You must enter the coupon before moving on to the checkout process. The coupon code is: crazymom
2. After entering the code and making sure all the products except my commercial use textures are in your cart, move on to checkout. You should see a discount of $12.50. Why? Because everything in my store with the exception of the commercial use product totals $17.50. With the $12.50 discount, your total will be $5. If you have already purchased something in my store, you can't return it just so you can get it at this reduced price. Get another copy and give it to a fellow scrapper!

Now, more about the blog party being held at my blog all weekend:

I posted my Friday Freebie last night. It coordinates with my newest kit in the store, "Lily." Tomorrow I will post another coordinating "Lily" mini-kit for Mother's Day. So download away and leave comments for this crazy designer who is practically giving away her stuff just because she loves her mom and loves being a mom, too.

Also, feel free to send people here to snag the freebies and the coupon code. I like seeing my blog stats go up! Makes a designer happy!

I'm going to leave you with a sneak peek at Saturday's Mother's Day freebie:

Make sure you come on back tomorrow to grab it!




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Cyndi! This looks really cute! Thanks too for the clear directions for the coupon code so those of us who are coupon challenged know what to do lol

10:43 AM


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