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6 comments | Thursday, August 16, 2007

Well it is official---I need a vacation from my vacation. As much fun as it was to visit the great state of Maine and see my boys play with their cousins that they don't often get to see, it was exhausting. Here are some pics (I couldn't resist sharing....):

The first two are of my niece, Emilie....I can't believe she is getting old enough to drive soon! Anyway I always tease her that she should be a model because the camera really loves her. These are two of many I took of her that I love... I think she could double for Jennifer Garner...

And the rest are just landscape shots and stuff I found interesting while poking around the area with my camera....

But there is no place like home and I am glad to be back with my hubby, dogs, cats and even the goldfish that I thought for sure would be down the toilet before I got home. But my hubby took good care of them and they are still with us. So are my flower pots in front of the house. He remembered to water them for me :) I am still finding sand in many cracks and crevices of my boys as I give them a bath each night and I am sure one of them ate a small crab so I've been watching the diapers like crazy not wanting to see when the crab makes an appearance---YUCK!!!

Now onto business...

New kits were put in many of my stores upon my return. I worked on these while I was away. Here are some previews---sales and coupon codes for these new babies provided at the end of the preview:

Here are the sales going on with my kits at the various stores I am in--go grab a bargain!

Moo Two Designs: These items are 25% off right now
Store Link:

Heaven Sent Paper and Element Pack: Now $1.88 each
Mozart Paper and Element Pack: Now $1.88 each
Banana Split Paper and Element Pack: Now $1.88 each
Gypsy Garden Element Pack and Paper Pack: Now $3.75 each
Juicy Paper Pack: Now $1.88 each
Mozart Paper and Element Pack: Now $1.50 each

ScrappinFreestyle: I've had NO sales (meaning no one has bought anything there yet!) at this store so spend $4 or more at ScrappinFreestyle during the month of August and you will get my Gypsy Garden Paper Pack FREE!!!! When I receive an invoice notification from the store, I'll email you your paper pack coupon. It might not be the same day, so be patient, you'll get it.
Store Link:

Banana Split Paper and Element Pack: Now $1.88 each
Gypsy Garden Paper and Element Pack: Now $2.00 each
Pool Party Full Kit: Now $2.80
Texture Overlay Set One: Now $7.50
Texture Overlay Set Two: Now $6.75

Divine Digital
Store Link:

I slashed prices on numerous items and there are some new coupon codes and old coupon codes that haven't expired. Remember, only one coupon can be used per order so if you want to use several coupons, shop one item at a time. Here are the coupon codes, followed by the discount info:

mozartrocks: 40% off Mozart Paper Pack
heavensent: 40% off Heaven Sent Paper Pack
overlayone: Get $2 off Texture Overlay Set One
overlaytwo: Get $2 off Texture Overlay Set Two
otis: Get 10% off Preppy Girl Paper Pack
Thank You: Get 25% off when you spend more than $1
fish food: Get $1 off Sandy Days (which I just marked down!)

ScrapProfessor: My ENTIRE store is 25% off!
Store link:

Have a great weekend here is my Fishy Friday "Pirate" Freebie!!!! Click on the image to download leave a comment if you snag it and remember, personal use only!




Blogger Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at digifree.blogspot.com

12:49 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure if it's a 4shared problem but it's telling me that it's not a valid file

8:57 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ohhhh....love this!!! thanks so much.

9:01 AM

Anonymous Kimberkatt said...

Love the Pirate freebie! My 2yo son was a Pirate for Halloween last year and this will be perfect for his LO!! Thank you so much for sharing!! :)

12:55 PM

Anonymous lea said...

that's awesome! I love pirates

4:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

woohoo, I finally figured out how to post a comment for your blog:) Thank you Cindy so very much - your freebies and sales Rock!!!!

2:14 PM


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