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0 comments | Sunday, July 22, 2007

Well, Santa and his scrapping elves are visiting Divine Digital this week and you won't believe all the holiday events and goodies they brought with them! Here is my little way of celebrating this event---hope you get something good with it:

The event kicks off for me tonight with a "Holiday Trivia Chat." Come join us and chat about scrapping and try and guess the answers to some tricky holiday trivia questions. Here is the goodie bag you will get for coming and HERE is the link to the chat room:

Today I also started the "Holiday Photo Card Template Challenge" and you can get all the details about the challenge here:


And on Wednesday, July 25th I will be giving out this wonderful freebie on my blog! So make sure you stop back on Wednesday and snag it!

Wednesday night I will also be hosting the Divine Diva Deal Chat to celebrate my kit of the week, "Banana Split." If you haven't picked it up yet, you have until midnight on July 25th to get it for $2! And join me for the chat at 10:00 pm EST to get even more Banana Split elements and papers to go with the kit.

Have a great Sunday everyone and hey, Merry Christmas!




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