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6 comments | Thursday, July 05, 2007

In celebration of the Grab Bag Sale (tons of bags of goodies and all bags are $2!) starting tomorrow morning at Divine Digital, I put together a quickpage using a few elements from my grab bag. Now, the question is, do you know which are the new elements or papers and which are from my other kits? I'm not telling!!!

The quickpage is in jpeg and PSD format.

And here is the preview followed by the layout I did of my son, Hank, which was what I used to make the template:

I hope to see some of my blog buddies going through the check out line at Divine Digital this weekend! Oh, and before I forget, don't let your shopping frenzy leave you forgetting my Liberty kit coupon---put Liberty in your shopping cart and enter the coupon code fishy4thofJuly and you'll get another kit up to $4 free. How's that? An awesome grab bag that is full of summer fun and a free kit when you purchase my patriotic kit, Liberty---perfect for scrapping all those 4th of July photos you have on your camera.
Speaking of 4th of July photos, here is the link to my new "Ready! Set! Shoot!" challenge. It involves 4th of July photos, so go check it out and jump in and join us! Here is the link:
If you post a layout I give you a freebie sampler from a kit I am not done with but will be done and stocking in the stores soon.
So have a great weekend, whether you are scrapping, scrap shopping, shopping or just being you.


Anonymous Judy (babydoe) said...

Thanks for this great QP. I got your coupon (very welcome) and I also bought all the baseball kit. Now, to find those old BB pictures of my son.

10:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank You! :D

11:11 PM

Anonymous Lainey said...

Cyndie, Thanks for the QP! Love the layout. Hank has beautiful eyes.


11:49 PM

Blogger PSharp said...

Thank you for the beautiful QP.

9:20 AM

Anonymous AngelaUK said...

fantastic quickpage, tfs

2:14 PM

Blogger Joy said...

Love the QP and your LO! Thanks so much!

4:52 PM


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