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14 comments | Friday, June 29, 2007

I am so excited about the freebie for today. Partly because it is parts of a new kit that I will be premiering soon at Scraphead, and partly because it has been so fun to make! Given that the 4th of July is this week, I thought of all things I could about the 4th of July and I decided that baseball is something very American and traditional. I remember going to many Pittsburgh Pirate games on the 4th and then sticking around afterwards for the fireworks and I remember playing in many family softball games down at the Blackridge playground on the 4th of July growing up. So I decided to do my first exclusive kit for Scraphead, one of my new venues, with the theme being vintage baseball.

Now, don't let vintage fool you because there is something in it for everyone! Since I grew up in Pittsburgh, there will be Pittsburgh Pirate stuff in it. Since 3/4 of my family are Red Sox fans, there are Red Sox things in it. And since my husband is the lone Yankee fan in the family, there is some Yankee stuff, too. Last night he asked me why anyone would want to buy a kit that as the Red Sox and the Yankees in it. Well, we'll see if people buy it! But I think it is fun to have them both in the kit. It is a great kit for 4th of July layouts, little league games, baseball layouts, etc. It will be available exclusively at Scraphead starting July 4th so make sure you check it out (there is a coupon included with the freebie so you can get it at a discount through August 4th)!

So, without further gabbing, here is the preview for the freebie today, it is a sit of six frames---3 of which are decorated with elements from the new kit that I am calling "Play Ball!"

Did you just click on the image and it didn't send you to 4shared? Well, surprise, I'm doing it different this week!!! Since this freebie goes with the "Play Ball!" kit that will be exclusive to Scraphead, you must go to the Scraphead homepage. You can snag this freebie by simply clicking on the FREEBIE button on the bottom right and then simply download it from the gallery. If you download, please leave the comments here on my blog since I won't have access to comments like normal with 4shared. Thanks!

Now, onto other things. Coming up July 6th, 7th and 8th is the Grab Bag sale at Divine Digital and you need to get my grab bag! I just love grab bags. I know some designers are against the whole idea, thinking it diminishes the productivity (a lot of people think freebies do, too!), but I just love making them and love getting feedback from scrappers who purchase my grab bags. I'll be posting here right before the sale with a link to my grab bag so make sure you check back. And you want to check back on the 4th of July for another patriotic freebie!

Now, onto some housekeeping issues.....if this is repetative because you are on my email list, sorry! But a designer has to do what a designer has to do:

I just posted a great challenge on the Divine Digital website for my weekly photography challenge, "Ready! Set! Shoot!" Here is the link and the freebies are going to awesome---one freebie for each layout you post:


At Divine Digital we're also coming out with another Mega Kit and the theme is "Christmas Fantasy." My stuff is already done and uploaded and I can't wait to see what the other designers create with this theme. And the colors are fantastic! The kit will be released mid-July and I'll let you know either by my weekly email or my blog. I'm also running a photo contest, a trivia chat and a challenge---all of which come with either freebies or a gift certificate, so make sure you participate---it will be loads of "jolly" fun!

All my kits at ScrapProfessor are 25% off right now so head on over there, too and snag a deal.

At Moo Two Designs, one of my new homes, we're going to be releasing a really fun July Mega Kit, "Leather Dude." If you are a "hog" or know someone who is, this is a kit you don't want to be without. I'll be letting you know when the kit is released. Also, just like my other new stores, my stuff is 25% off for a limited time.

Now that the housekeeping issues are done, I leave with some of my latest photos--some are kids I've photographed lately via my photography business and some are my boys:

Have a great weekend,



Anonymous Granna Deanna said...

Thank you so much for the freebie. We don't have an opportunity to participate in baseball so I' glad that some of the frames are without the baseball embellishments. Your photography is stunning!

9:34 AM

Anonymous Josie said...

My oldest is a mega-baseball fan. These are great frames. Can't wait to see the whole kit.

9:56 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Cyndi! :D

10:05 AM

Anonymous mm said...

Thanks for the frames. They are great.

10:10 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am really looking forward to the Baseball oriented kit precisely BECAUSE you have included the Pirates. As a child in the late 50's and early 60's, I spent summers at my Grandmother's in Pittsburgh and saw my first professional baseball games there. I don't follow it much now UNLESS the TIGERS or the PIRATES are doing well, but I will never forget seeing the athletic grace of the great Roberto Clemente in action. You've stirred up some of my favorite memories - Thanks.


10:56 AM

Blogger Cyn said...

These are beautiful pictures!!

10:59 AM

Anonymous Kim said...

Very wonderful frames, I especially love the one with the crossed bats and ball. Thanks for including the one with the flag too since those who aren't into baseball can have fun too!

12:18 PM

Anonymous nora long said...

Great freebie, but your photos are awesome! I love the one with the child in color in the b&w background!

2:22 PM

Anonymous AngelaUK said...

You're a great photographer as well as a fabulous designer.
The baseball frames look fanastic. But I shan't be picking them or the kit up as I don't know anything about baseball at all.

2:30 PM

Anonymous Lainey said...


I found you on the front page of Scraphead yesterday and enjoyed seeing your photo and reading about you. Love the photos and thanks for the baseball frames.


5:09 PM

Anonymous GrannyDance said...

The baseball QP's are great. I grew up near Pittsvurgh, so we followed the Pirates too!

9:15 PM

Blogger Cate said...

These franes are terrific, and will work awesome with the photos of the kids at a local ballgame during their LI visit I just got back!

DH is the lone Mets fan in a family of Yankee fans!

11:11 AM

Blogger PSharp said...

Thank you for the wonderful frames.

10:56 PM

Blogger chinamama said...

Thanks for the frames and the coupon! Can't wait to see your new kit. My husband is a baseball nut and a card carrying member of RED SOX NATION! Go Sox! Yeah for the Green "Monstah" and Fenway Franks! I'll be checking the store next week!

10:18 AM


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