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2 comments | Tuesday, June 12, 2007

So here's what I want to know......what do YOU want in my Christmas in July kit? What colors are you looking for other than red and green? Everyone will be doing red and green so I want to shake things up a bit and try some different color combos. What types of elements? What types of themes (i.e. beach xmas, ski vacation, old fashioned xmas, etc.)? This is your chance to help me design my kit for this event!!!! So give it to me...anything and everything will be considered! Send me an email with your ideas: cyndi@divinedigital.com

And I must say that my dog Ernie looks just superb on Divine Digital's homepage. She is now famous. My little lab is a cover girl. Check it out:

And this weekend I took some really fun backyard photos of my kids. Even though we belong to a pool, there are some days when getting the two boys in the car with all the swim toys and gear and going to the pool is just not worth it when you can fill the baby pool with water and sit back and watch the show. Here are some of my favorites and yes, that is Hank getting ready to eat my flowers in the last photo (he ate them):

Be back tomorrow with perhaps a freebie (I'm in the mood to create today)....




Anonymous nora long said...

Cyndie! I am so dang excited about the angler kit, I can hardly controll myself! I WANT that kit! I will be first in line to buy it, with virtual stacks and stacks of fishing photos! This is one of the first fishing kits that has show real potential! Yeah!!!!!

9:37 PM

Blogger AvPav said...

For me I love red and gold, but I love gold on everything - I wonder if I was not one of those glittery-thing-loving-birds one time :-).

Great pics of your kids, especially the second one made me laugh - so cute !!! :-)

6:52 AM


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