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0 comments | Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Just a quick note to let everyone know that my newest kit "Cheers!" is now in stock at Divine Digital! If you purchased my grab bag, this has some of the same elements and papers (not many) but it coordinates with it beautifully, so consider purchasing this kit to go with it.

Also, this kit would be perfect to match up with my "Birthday Bash!" kit. Both are great kits to scrap all those birthday and summer parties.

So.....just for my email and blog customers I am having a sale on this kit between tonight and Sunday: Buy "Birthday Bash" and receive "Cheers!" FREE (yes, you read that correctly, FREE) if you purchase it by this Sunday, June 10th. How is that for a deal? Coupon code: cheers

Have a great rest of the week,



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