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2 comments | Friday, August 17, 2007

Spend $4 in my store at ScrappinFreestyle and I'll give you this paper pack FREE! There are 36 papers in Gypsy Garden---full of color and texture.

Grab it while you can for free--all you have to do is email me a copy of your invoice indicating a sale of at least $4 from my store and I'll send you the links to the paper pack. It is that easy! Send you invoice copy to cyndi@divinedigital.com


Anonymous Angela (UK) said...

looks like you had a great vacation. The txture overlays look wonderful, and that motzard kit is just out of this world - brilliant work.

4:30 AM

Anonymous Jenny. said...

I just stumbled upon your blog...you have wonderful designs...and i read your blog about Gypsy Garden...I find it to be an awesome kit. Don't let the words of one man effect you...stand firm and be blessed in the gifts and talents the Lord has given you. Be Blessed!!!

10:10 PM


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