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0 comments | Friday, March 07, 2008

Today begins the March grab bag sale at Divne Digital!!!! Make sure you "grab" some deals!

Here is the link to my store where you can find my grab bags AND a bunch of other fantastic stuff, some brand new and some sort of new:

Also, I have my $1 "I CARE" bag in the charity kit sale, so make sure you check it out and help us support the nonprofit organization CARE:

Purchase my kit here and make sure you check out all the other great kits for sale, too:

I have two bags---one personal ($2) and one commercial ($5)---click on the image to get to the product:

And I have two flowery embellishment packs in my shop today---the first, "Blingy Flowers" is only $1.50 and the second, "Vintage Topiaries" is only $2. So snag these along with my charity mini-kit, and a grab bag (or two)!

Thanks for looking and have a GREAT weekend,


Cyndi, Wetfish Designs


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