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18 comments | Friday, June 06, 2008

Today is Day 6 for "Daddy's Candy," the Download a Day Free Kit from Divine Digital. I'm up as the featured designer, and here are the goodies both at Divine Digital and here on my blog (click on first image to get to the thread where the daily download will be posted and then click on the blog freebie to download my blog freebie--and comments aren't required but welcomed!!):

And it is Grab Bag Sale time!!! I have three grab bags in the mix, so click on any of the images to find great deals:

New Products in the store this week--click on the image to get to the product. If you don't have a coupon code, use bekind and you'll get 25% off your entire order. Remember, this coupon code can be used up to ten times this year for each person!

And in addition to my Day 6 Daddy's Candy Blog Freebie, I have two commercial use freebies that reflect the contents of my designer bags. You deserve them for reading this far into my blog entry today!!!! Click on each photo (nothing like dandelions to satisfy the curiousity of a child) to snag these babies:




And I am having a PRIVATE sale on overlays, my Museum Paper Packs and texture collections. All of these are buy one get one free---HUGE savings. But you can only get the coupon codes if you are on my email list. Not on it and want to be? Send me an email, cyndi@divinedigital.com and I will put you on the list and email you today's email with the details and codes.

And I can't post pictures of Sam without some of Henry, so here is Henry over the past few days:

We were hanging out at the local state park and both boys can't go to any park without their big dump trucks to push around and load up with dirt, sticks and things I don't even want to think about (i.e. bugs).

Have a great weekend and I'll be back Monday with Day 9's freebies.




Anonymous Lea said...

Hey Cyndi,

there are no links to either the forum or the freebie download.

10:25 AM

Anonymous debozark said...

Thanks for the freebies, you're the best!

10:27 AM

Anonymous Lea said...

i got it this time
thanks so much

10:54 AM

Blogger Sheila said...

Thanks so much for all the goodies today!!!!! I just love that frame in today's part of the DD daily download and those green papers .... gorgeous!!!!!!!
I just might go explore your goodies on sale later today .... :-).

11:07 AM

Blogger Stefani said...

Hi! love your work, but my email box is sooooo full. I couldn't find an unsubscribe link and the link for your email on your blog page doesn't work. What do I need to do to unsubscribe? Then I'll add you to my favorites list and check from there!!!! Thanks for all you do!

11:16 AM

Blogger Marianna said...

Thank you so much!

11:32 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the "extras" to this month's kit.
Love the photos you posted on your blog!!

1:18 PM

Blogger Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for both as always AWESOMR goodies!!!!!!!!!!

3:16 PM

Blogger grammy201 said...

Thanks for all the goodies today! Love your additions to the DD.
At the end of today's post you said click on each picture, (dandelion pictures) the link is the same for both of them. Just thought you would like to know. Thank you for the extra goodies! Wonderful pictures!

3:55 PM

Blogger Dracowin said...

Ummm...both pictures link to the same download. ;)
Thank you for the goodies!

7:30 PM

Blogger Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

Thanks for the freebies. What cute pictures.

7:48 PM

Blogger twoboyz00 said...

Thank you so much for the day 6 goodies and the texture!

8:02 PM

Blogger Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

4:35 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for generously sharing your creations!

1:39 PM

Blogger CactusFreek said...

Thanks, this is lovely :o)

11:28 PM

Blogger Suz said...

Yowwwza! Another great piece to this wonderful kit. You are AWESOME! Sorry I didn't get to thank ya this mornin, but it's gettin busy at my house. Well of course you got some "link love" over at my place...so now get back to work! ROFL :)

12:27 AM

Blogger Leaonna said...

Hi sweetie...i purchased asian overlays 1 and am supposed to get asian overlays 2 but am unsure of what to do...help...teehee....I also LOVE these photos....just beautiful...perfect subject and lighting...I love photography too...:)

2:10 AM

Anonymous Elizabeth said...

Dump trucks, dirt and (bugs), oh my! And your boys look so clean in the photos!!! Sounds like fun times with them, and thanks for the wonderful goodies!

4:26 AM


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