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0 comments | Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I put together a set of 12 religious statues that are commercial use okay, just in time for Holy Week. All 12 statues were photographed by me using a professional DSLR camera and lens and then were extracted. These are commercial use okay and the possibilities for using them are endless, especially if you are designing religious themed kits or projects. These were photographed at a cemetary in Haddonfield, New Jersey. I photographed tons of beautiful statues and crosses. So expect more "Sanctuary" in the near future....
To purchase this first set of "Sanctuary," which is commercial use okay, no credit required, simply click on the PayPal button below and you will be charged $4, a savings of $2 of the regular boutique price for this product. After I receive notification of payment I will email you back with the download links.

I made it to the second round of Funky Playground Designs' "Capture the Flag" contest, so thanks to all of you who left me a comment with my entry and downloaded my "Fish Camp" kit. Not sure at this point what the next challenge is, but I'm ready and I hope you are, too! Because a new challenge means a new freebie for you this weekend!

Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you later in the week with my "Capture the Flag" Challenge 2 entry.




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