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6 comments | Thursday, April 09, 2009

I put together my own little CU Easter Basket for all the designers out there! This is an incredible deal and since I'm selling this ONLY off my blog, I can reduce the price and pass the savings on to you. Instead of my normal $6 grab bag price, this grab bag is only $4. It contains 7 commercial use okay products that are brand new. A nice mixture of overlays, textures and styles, this will be an Easter basket you don't want to miss out on! Click on the PayPal button beneath the preview and as soon as I receive notification of payment sent I will email you the links to start downloading.

And this "CU Easter Basket" has officially been revealed at Strictly Reveal:


And I also have this new product that is for sale here on my blog---"Sanctuary," a set of 12 commercial use okay religious statues. I photographed these myself so they are professional, high quality images that are beautifully extracted. Bargain price, too! Click on the PayPal button beneath the preview to purchase, and I'll send you the download links after I receive notification of payment received from PayPal.

Tomorrow I will be posting my kit for the second challenge for Funky Playground Designs' "Capture the Flag" design contest. I want to thank everyone who visited the gallery and left me comments for "Fish Camp," it was fun to see some familar names, as well as new names in the comment section. Here is my preview for my Chalenge 2 kit, but I won't be posting it in the FPD gallery until tomorrow....so you'll have to wait. But take a look and let me know what you think, okay? We were given the color swatch (which I loved and found it really easy to work with) and we were limited this time to 3 patterned papers, 1 solid paper and 6 elements. AND we could only use 3 CU items. I aimed to use NO commercial use items other than my own stuff, but ended up using a cute alpha template from LBCreations. So in a way I'm proud that my little kit is almost 100% me! Everything but the letters in the alpha is 100% Wetfish Designs. So make sure you come back tomorrow or check the FPD gallery where this will be available for download. Probably in the morning....

Update: Kit is now posted at Funky Playground Designs! Here is the link:

And, once again, I am making the announcement that freebies that are not blog train related or contest related will only be distributed via my email newsletter. So if you aren't on my list and don't receive my email every Friday (sometimes Saturday, sometimes Sunday), get on it so you can keep getting the freebies I give out! Why am I doing this? Well, I got tired of giving away freebies and hardly anyone saying thanks in the way of a comment or email. It is very rare that I would get even ten comments of thanks on a commercial use freebie, and those are usually downloaded by designers. So when I see 600 downloads on a freebie and only ten comments, I had to rethink my freebie strategy. So I decided that if I'm going to give away something it should only be to those customers who patronize my store and ask to receive my little newsletter. And I say little because I try and keep the chatter to a minimum and focus on the new products I have to share, the sales going on and the freebies for the week. And don't forget, EVERY week I give some kind of $5 coupon. Sometimes it is just "here is $5, go buy something" and sometimes it is $5 a specific item or items in my boutique. So get on the list if you want to keep up with me! You never know what that $5 coupon is going to be, but the freebie previews will always be posted on my blog. The link will jsut be password protected so you have to get the newsletter to get the password. I know, I know....but hey, a designer has to do what a designer has to do! Details on how to subscribe are below...(at least I made it look pretty to sign up, right?)

Gotta go back to the house of sick boys. Both boys have had a stomach virus and this Mom is so exhausted from cleaning carpets, doing laundry and bathing boys and being nurse and waitress to two cranky boys!

I'll be back to post again tomorrow.....see you then? I have a ton of really cool layouts that I received from last week's "One Kit Call" that I had for several of my kits. I'll be posting all the layouts I received tomorrow.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a fabulous Easter basket/deal! Thank you!

I like what you've done with the latest Capture the Flag challenge. I'll pop over & comment after it's up at Funky Playground.

We had that stomach flu here last month. All 6 of us went down like dominoes. Praying your little ones heal quickly, and that they don't share!


1:47 AM

Blogger Lea said...

thanks so much Cyndi! love it

2:12 PM

Blogger Julie said...

I love your Circle kit! I think you did a fabulous job on it, and good luck with the competition.

And man.. that stomach virus is horrible... at least both boys got it at the same time so maybe you'll get a break real soon.. hope they start feeling better!!


7:15 PM

Blogger Addicted2Scrappin' said...

Just wanted to let you know that the Easter Basket is awesome!!! Thanks bunches--- can't wait to try things out!!! Secondly, Happy 10th Anniversary!!! Thirdly, congrats on making round 2 at Funky Playground --- but I'm not surprised with that since your kit was stunning.
Hugs and Happy Easter,

11:48 PM

Anonymous Karen said...

Thank you very much for your blog train mini kit. I LOVE your papers. Hope you had a wonderful easter.

3:57 PM

Anonymous Lainey said...

I'm not sure what happened to my original posting but here goes again... Thanks Cyndi! I love the Easter Basket. Happy Easter!

11:35 PM


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