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1 comments | Monday, August 27, 2007

This week I am trying to promote my store at Moo Two Designs. If you spend at least $4 and forward me your invoice, I will give you this lovely paper pack that I am calling "English Manor." I hope to make a full kit with this at some point but for right now it is a set of 8 papers (12x12 300dpi) that you can get FREE by helping me out at Moo Two Designs:

Also, this Wednesday I start another Divine Diva Deal at Divine Digital. Check out what you can snag for $2---perfect for Fall layouts:

AND, I have a whole bunch of what I am calling "leftovers" that didn't make the "Autumnal Blessings" kit simply because it was too big. Before cutting it down I had over 65 elements! I will be giving these leftovers away to everyone who purchases "Autumnal Blessings" starting this Wednesday. I automatically get a copy of your invoice when you make a purchase from my store at Divine Digital, so no need to forward me an invoice. I will send out the gift with purcase when I receive the invoices. This promotion will be for one week only, from August 29th through September 5th. And, since this kit has no frames, this Friday I will be having some matching frames here on my blog! So make sure you pick up the kit so you can get the "leftovers" and stop here Friday for some matching frames.


Anonymous Angela (UK) said...

such lovely colours - I can see how you got carried away making stuff for that Autumnal Blessings kit.

6:01 AM


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