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8 comments | Sunday, October 14, 2007


Anonymous bobbie said...

Great photos! The autumn colors are gorgeous.

3:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for some serenity. You're an amazing photographer.

9:18 PM

Blogger Molly said...

Amazing photos. Like chocolate for the eyes :)

Would you share how you get the look to the river photos with the amazing DOF? I have tried, but haven't been able to get it to work (yet!)

Do you need a wide-angle (like a 10-22), or can I accomplish this with my 24-105?

Thanks so much for sharing the photos and textures with us!

12:12 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. What a beautiful place

9:15 AM

Anonymous Purple Frog said...

What a lovely photoshoot!! You're tempting me to go tromping around in my woods to see what lovely photos I can find!!

1:17 PM

Blogger Lisa said...

Gorgeous photos, the state park looks like an amazing place!! Thanks for sharing and for the beautiful papers!!!

2:08 PM

Anonymous Joni said...

WOW! It was almost as if I just took that walk with you and Oh, How Beautiful *and* Peaceful It Was! Thank you so much! You have NO IDEA how badly I needed that relaxing walk through that amazing park, stream and all!

Cyndi, along with me "standing in AWE over your scrapbooking abilities", I stand at the very same place with your photography knowledge and skills. I love the manner in which you KNOW just how to get your photographs in an excellent "framing manner". Your scrapbook pages with those will be absolutely amazing. I would LOVE to see them! Your photographs are absolutely stunning. The papers you shared earlier are gorgeous and will be beautiful with these photographs!! Indeed, Autumn *IS* here but it does not yet show on the Coast of NC! Of course, it never *really* does!! BUT....

I won't be here too much longer, thankfully!! I need to find a "scrapping pal" around Roanoke, VA or preferably Christiansburg or even Blacksburg! Christiansburg is such a beautiful, quaint and charming town that I have totally fallen in love with it! I cannot wait to move!! :)

Thank you so much for sharing your Photos as well as sharing your other creative talents. You have the MOST AMAZING "God Given Talents" that I've seen one woman has, in a long, long time. Many Thanks for sharing your talents.

You are Truly "Blessed".

Your Friend...


1:40 AM

Blogger olga9999 said...

Terrific photos, they're awesome and the place looks a great place to spend sometime on a Sunday. :)

Thanks so much for sharing them and many thanks for the paper pack. :)

Best wishes. :O)

3:07 PM


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