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2 comments | Friday, December 21, 2007

I have a Friday Freebie and it is "shimmering" with color and fun:

Click on the image to download from 4shared (photo of Henry and his name and date not included in quick page) and remember personal use only, share with friends but send them here and leave a comment to let me know you're out there!

This quickpage was made with my "Shimmer" kit, the Divine Diva Deal at Divine Digital this week. Grab it while you can for $2 and if you do, don't forget that I will send you the link to download the add on paper for free!

Well, today was my son's first Christmas program ever at his nursery school. I was so excited to see him sing with his class. But did he sing? No. He stood there like a statue. Doesn't that just figure! I'd post his picture but really he is just standing there starting into space whilst the rest of his classmates sing their little hearts out. Oh well, perhaps next year he'll be more festive.

I'll leave you today with a few more photos that I took lately and like. But before I do that I want to answer the question someone left in the comment section for yesterday's freebie. They asked why I like to scrap mainly black and white photos. Well, I do scrap color photos, too. But I just like black and white, especially when the images are taken with natural light. It is just a personal preference but it is in the back of my mind when I purchase digital supplies and I tend to stay away from kits or paper packs that wouldn't necessarily go well with black and white. Sometimes to get around that I sepa the photos, but in general I like cool tones in my kits and in what I purchase and make.

Now for some photos....

The first two are of my son Sam and his first Gingerbread House that we made....I call it the "flop house" as it looks kind of "floppy" and lopsided...

And this is Henry putting a full bowl of oatmeal on his head so he could wear the bowl as a hat. He is into hats these days. Makes anything into a hat if it can fit and stay on his head...

And this is Henry with his ear plugs in his little ears during his tubby.....this is that rare moment of happiness before he realizes they are in there and starts fussy for me to take them out. Oh, the fun of ear tubes!

Have a wonderful weekend with all your holiday preparations and festivities and shopping. Stop on back tomorrow and pick up another "shimmering" freebie!




Blogger Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Love the photo's reminds me when my boy's were little bowl & all!!! LOL
TY spo very much for todays GORGEOUS QP!!!!!!!!!!!

5:55 PM

Blogger Joy said...

This is wonderful - thank you!

5:27 PM


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