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0 comments | Thursday, October 25, 2007

Here is a sneak peak at "Sugarplum" my Divine Diva Deal at Divine Digital that goes on sale Halloween night for $2:

And since the "Harvest" will be over, I will offer a DAILY FREEBIE to match "Sugarplum" during the week of October 31st through November 7th!!!! So make sure you keep coming back for more sweets after Halloween is over!!!!

And if you didn't see my "Texture Team" call on DST, consider this if you are a designer:

I need some designers to show off what they can do with my texture photos. I am now selling 12x12, 300dpi texture stock photos (royalty free, no copyright police involved) for designers to make papers, elements--whatever!--within their design work. I am selling the stock photos through iStock and Divine Digital. Sales are slow to start so I need to get the word out.

Designers have been discussing and complaining about lack of royalty free, high quality texture images and now that I've got them for you, I need some help spreading the word. Face it, I need samples of papers and elements other than my own to show designers what they can do with my stock photos of textures and nature. SO.....If you would like to participate and receive free high quality texture images that are commercial use okay and excellent quality, here is what you need to do and be willing to do:

1. Check out my work. Hey, if you don't like it, you don't like it! Here is a link to my boutique at Divine Digital. Check out the texture stock photo packs as that is what I am talking about here (there are currently five packs in the boutique with more coming next week):http://www.divinedigital.com/boutiqu...ufacturerid=71

2. Send me a link to your store(s) so I can check out our style.

3. Be willing to share your previews with me for any products you make that use my textures so that I can utilize them in promotions, sales, etc. I'm not asking for anything other than a preview or sample of your work with my work. You don't have to give me a whole kit!

That's it. No posting layouts. No mention of my textures being used in your credits. Just samples (one or two would be nice) and previews so I can share your talent with my customers via my blog, DST, Divine Digital, etc. It is a win win situation---you'll get your work advertised when I do!

Send all the info to cyndi@divinedigital and put Texture Team in the subject line. I am hoping to recruit ten designers and I have thousands of texture photos (I am one of those weird people who photograph everything under the sun). From trash to sand, leaves to rust, paint chips to wood, I've got it all. And, just for applying, I'll send you a free texture stock photo that is commerical use okay, royalty free! So go for it!

Be back tomorrow with another "Harvest" freebie, or maybe later tonight depending on how "late" I am for everything in my life today.




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