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1 comments | Thursday, October 18, 2007

Special Holiday Promotion from Wetifsh Designs:

You will receive a $10 gift certficiate for my store at Divine Digital (includes commercial use items and stock photos) with each PicFolio or traditional Coverset album (not all albums shown below, sale applies to all traditional CM albums) purchased through my Creative Memories Website. Also, you will receive a $15 gift certificate with each purchase of one of the new digital products. The Memory Manager is a fantastic tool for organizing your photos and digital scrapbooking supplies.

The StoryBook Creator Plus is a very user-friendly software that is perfect for gift-giving to friends, family members or teens that aren’t ready for PhotoShop or Paint Shop Pro but would like to get started with digital scrapbooking. And all the new albums are just incredible! Make sure you check out the digital kits, too! They have eight sets of digital kits and these apply towards the $15 gift certificate from my store at Divine Digital, too. This software is a fantastic gift for your teenager or preteen that is computer savvy and always on your computer messing around with your software. Get them their own software that is so user friendly they can create a great layout in minutes. Creative Memories also has free online tutorials for using the software!

So, start thinking Christmas and start thinking about getting those layouts into albums that are high quality, designed with preservation in mind and beautiful to hold and give as gifts. Order safely online via my personal Creative Memories website (all major credit cards accepted) and upon receiving notification of your order, I will email you a gift certificate for my store at Divine Digital. Order online soon (International shipping and shopping, too!) and you’ll get your products in time for the holiday season and you can cross some people (perhaps yourself?) off your holiday shopping list! When visiting the site make sure you click on new products so you can see all the other new products they have in stock for the holiday season! They are beautiful!

And did you know that Creative Memories Photo Center now prints 12x12 layouts! For every five 12x12 layouts you print with Creative Memories you will get a $5 gift certificate to my store at Divine Digital. Email me for all the details at cyndi@divinedigital.com

Here is where you place your sale order:

My Creative Memories Website

12x12 PicFolio™
Max Blue

12x12 PicFolio™
Max Chocolate

for the PicFolio Max Albums:

• 16 sheets/32 Story Sleeves


• Durable and tear-resistant Story Sleeves
• Creative Memories debossed logo on the back
• Matte-leathered cover material
• Stain-resistant liner
• Photo-safe

Premiere Coverset Pink or Green 12x12


• Bookcloth cover and spine
• 2 straps
• 2 coverholders


• Photo-safe
• Durable bookcloth cover
• Debossed Creative Memories logo on back cover
• Expandable
• Lays flat
• Lifetime guarantee

StoryBook Creator Plus Software


• Software to create digital layouts and all sizes of StoryBooks

• Everyday and Gazebo Customized Templates (over a $15 value)
• Everyday and Gazebo Digital Kits (over a $19 value)
• Quickstart User’s Guide
• English only


• Drag and drop decorative embellishments
• Ability to add or remove design elements and change background color
• Ability to create 12 x 12 digital pages to be printed individually
• Import images from a digital camera or Memory Manager Memory vault

Memory Manager 2.0


• Software
• CD case
• User guide
• English only


• Import images from a digital camera, scanner or existing files
• Store audio and video clips and all image data using Memory Vault
• Spell check journaling before you print
• PrintTrack allows you to see printed and unprinted images with one click
• Image enhancement features such as color correction, red eye and cropping
• Album preview panel

PicFolio Album layout options
• StoryBook Creator 2.0 Software
• Automatic backup option
• Image share via e-mail

Organize, categorize, and personalize. From the creation of digital images to the
completion of keepsake albums, this software is a one-of-a-kind tool specially
created for the album-maker. Available only in English. PC-compatible


Anonymous Heather said...

I just found your blog today and have read qite a bit of it. I am sorry I have missed a few deals but will be sure to check back for more. Thank you for your generosity to the scrapbooking community. I am in awe of your photoraphy skills. I loved reading your blog.

12:48 PM


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