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1 comments | Monday, January 07, 2008

Well, it was a great weekend for me as I got two kits finished and in my store and fielded emails for customers who couldn't get working links from Divine Digital. If you purchased anything at Divine Digital you know what I mean. I appreciate everyone's patience and rest assured, when they get all the glitches fixed it will be wonderful for everyone! And if you need working links for anything from my store that was purchased just email me (cyndi@divinedigital.com)

So here are my two new kits, "My Funky Valentine" and "Mardi Gras." If you purchased my grab bags (either one) over the weekend, I sent you a coupon code to get 50% off any product in my store until January 13th. Any of these kits would be a great way to use that coupon! And if you didn't get my personal use grab bag, I just put it in the store today and I've called it "Color Therapy Collection One." Not only do you get the three paper packs that were in the grab bag, you get my other two newer paper packs "Red Lipstick" and "Envy." Another great use for that coupon! Look for it later this afternoon or this evening.

And, if you purchase "My Funky Valentine" between now and Valentine's Day, I will also send you a free alpha that matches. My little way of sending my customers a valentine!

Here is a closer look at the two new kits:

25% off discount code for "My Funky Valentine" is funkyheart
Get it here:

And the 25% discount code for "Mardi Gras!" is fattuesday

Get it here:

This is Color Therapy, a collection of my three new paper packs that were in my personal use grab bag and two recent paper packs, "Envy" and "Red Lipstick." You get 60 papers total with this purchase for only $4.50!
Get it here:
The discount code to receive 25% off (until February 28th) is colorme

Have a great day,


Anonymous Angela UK said...

wow cyndi! those 2 kits look absolutely fabulous!

5:05 AM


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