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5 comments | Saturday, March 08, 2008

Did you pick up "Celtic Charms" yet? Well, it is on sale as the Divine Diva Deal for just one week so grab it while it is only $2. Click on the image to get to the kit....

While on vacation, riding in the back of the mini-van trying to not get car sick and keep my boys happy for 23 hours over two days on the way to Florida, I put together a fun Easter kit, "Hippity Hoppity." It will be in my store at Divine Digital this weekend. I thought I would tease everyone with a sampler today for a Friday Freebie and a coupon for a discount on "Hippity Hoppity" when it comes out (1/2 off coupon!!!). Here are some previews of the full kit:

Last year I didn't do a fun Easter kit---actually, I didn't do one at all come to think of it, so I was excited to do one this year. Maybe I'm excited because my oldest son is getting to the age when these kinds of holidays are fun. We're going to his first Easter Egg hunt this weekend and I think he'll really have fun. This kit has lots and lots of decorated eggs and four cute felt rabbits. There also some egg shaped elements that I meant to be jelly beans, but they look more like glass eggs to me, so decide for youself. I hope you like it and make lots of fun layouts this Easter with it. To get this kit for half off ($2.50 instead of $5.00), use the code bunnylove. This coupon code will be good until Easter Monday, March 24th.

Here is the freebie---click on the image to download, don't share the link---please send friends here instead and leave a "hello" somewhere if you download:

And if you didn't pick up my personal use March Grab Bag, I am putting the three products from it in my store this weekend. Here is what you missed in the bag but can get for 25% off with my coupon code that never dies, bekind. Remember, this coupon code can be used by one person up to ten times!

Iris--this is a full kit! I just love it when all the Iris gardens are in bloom!

Charmed--this is an embellishment set that goes perfectly with "Celtic Charms":

And Charmed---Frames, another great add-on for "Celtic Charms":

And while I am waiting for the freebie to upload to 4shared, here are a few vacation shots (untouched at this point as I haven't had time to spend adjusting levels, contrast, etc.):

Have a great Friday and I'll send an email out when all the new products are in the store. If you aren't on my email list, get on it by sending me an email, cyndi@divinedigital.com I send out email list only coupon codes periodically that you don't want to miss (like the one I sent this morning!)



p.s. tomorrow I have a freebie to go with "Celtic Charms" so make sure you come on back!


Blogger Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for this ADORABLE mini!!!!!
Love the photos!!!!!!!

4:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "Hippity Hoppity" sampler - it's so cute - I'll have to get this kit in your store!!
Great vacation photos - looks like lots of fun.

5:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, Cyndi, those felt bunnies (or "nunnies", as Dylan says,) are ADORABLE. And when I first saw the clear glass elements, I thought they were lovely glass eggs, but I can see the jelly bean angle too.

We've been busily preparing for 3 egg hunts at our house.... one with Dylan's Mom's Morning Out class on Monday, a neighborhood one with about 15 kids next Saturday, and then one Easter morning with friends and family.

Thanks much for the sampler and mailing list goodie. Have a wonderful weekend editing the photos. Looks like the beach was a hit with the kiddos!

7:09 PM

Blogger Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

1:55 AM

Blogger Dracowin said...

Thank you for the Easter sampler! Time to go grab the full kit now. :)
Cute vacation photos! Looks like you had a good time.

10:37 AM


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