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21 comments | Saturday, September 01, 2007

Okay, today I found out about the "evil" blog that is out to get me. I have to admit I cried today when I read the post that was about my "Gypsy Garden" kit. Some of the things said about me and my designs were so hurtful and angry---why me?

Here are some of the comments that just sent me over the edge that I was teetering on all week:

That is one crazy kit. Just because you can buy AC actions doesn't mean that you should use them... all.

What gets me about that designer is she is an excellent photographer and has done some killer LOs...why she can have such good taste in photography and design stuff like this is beyond me...

Yeah she takes excellent pictures, I was browsing her blog, and she has plenty of talent on that department.

OK that is hideous LOL... I am guessing she thinks quantity was a good thing here... she should have gone for quality though!! ICK!! What are all those MISC elements anyway... I want to know what elements are I am buying...

And that is just a few of the words I woke up to this morning. Well, I responded using my real name in a way that I thought was mature and respectful. But it still hurts and it still makes me question my abilities. I can't help it. I'm human. I'm a sensitive person.

The reason I am posting this trash on my blog is because I want people who buy my stuff and visit my blog for freebies, sales, etc. to know that:

1. If you buy something from me and don't like it please tell me. Send me an email or private message. Tell me why you don't like it and I'll give you back your money. Even if you don't tell me why you don't like it I'll give you your money back. Don't go trashing my work without letting me know!

2. I have varied tastes as far as color and theme. I like to mix things up. None of my kits are knock offs of each other. I get inspiration from a lot of places. So "Gypsy Garden" wasn't the best color scheme for some people. I liked it. I still do. I do use Atomic Cupcake actions on a lot of my elements because I like them and I honestly don't know how to do a lot of that stuff on my own. I'm still learning. I'm a newbie. I admit it.

3. If you think my stuff is crap, don't buy it or download it if it is free. I honestly don't want your business or your hit on 4shared or this blog.

Now I'm probably going to get blasted on that "evil" blog for putting this up here, but that is just the kind of person I am---I like to have the last word.

So if you share in the opinions of the "anonymous" comments on the evil blog, please have some respect and email me or tell me what you don't like about me or my designs privately.


Blogger lukasmummy said...

I was really hoping you wouldn't see what they had written ((((hugs)))) you have to remember what I told you before you are getting better with every kit, there is a vast improvement in your newer stuff to your original designs.Im not trying to be horrible by saying that just trying to expalin that you have come a long way in a short time. What they wrote is just their opinion please dont feel sad about it. Hugs Crystal xxx

4:21 PM

Blogger Joy said...

You know what girl....stay away from that site... those are just a bunch of nasty people.. I went to look at it .. I will not ever go back.. they dont even have class enough to give their names... and I wonder what their stuff looks like.. .please please... stay away... and do not take what they have to say as anything meaning full... remember... everyone has different tastes and styles... and my feeling is they have no taste. You do awesome work.. keep on doing what you do.. and DONT listen to anyone.
Big Hugs... Joy

4:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well ALL I can Say is I am sorry you wasted your tears on them!!!!I have purchased several of your kits at Digital Divine, one in particular that I love is the grasshopper one!!!! When I say that is crabbed my eye cause it is so out of the ordinary!!!!!! Anyone can be live everyone else, so stay true to yourself and F---------- them, they are not worth your time or energy!!!!!!! Deb P PS. by the way I love your out of the box style and design, so don't change, just built and expand, and explore all that God has for you, that is what makes you stand out among the rest.

5:19 PM

Blogger Liz said...

Hi There
I dont know what site made such comments, but people who have time to do things like that must have way too much free time on their hands.
I have always found in life that people who bash others, tend to be jealous, envious, or afraid of that person. Sure that are lots of mean spirited people too.
This is my first visit to your blog, and after reading your post I visited your store today.

Your designs are amazing, and you have lots of different styles.

Since I am always worried about what other people say and think of me, my dad's advice comes back to me on a daily basis ...consider the source!
That always helps me to put things in perspective. I hope that your weekend is not ruined by some rude people

5:21 PM

Blogger SAHM said...

First - hugs. It sucks royal pond water that people would "needle" someone like that -- and in public. I think sometimes people choose to forget that things are public - and that things written/said in public can be read and hurtful. I agree with what you wrote - if you don't like something, don't buy/download it. That doesn't mean one needs to "diss" it. I like your quirky style and I'd say be true to YOU and what YOU ARE DOING. Don't let the turkeys bring you down ... soar with the eagles. Hugs again!

5:56 PM

Blogger LadyRedstone said...

You create beautiful things for everyone and obviously this person is a very angry soul.
I personally love this kit and all of your kits.
You have a wonderful way about you and please don't ever change. Remember people who are not happy don't want others to be happy either.
Try not to take things like this to seriously you have people that truly appreciate what you do and how you do it.
Many hugs to you,

6:26 PM

Anonymous -mo- said...

Don't you listen to them!!!! Your work is amazing, you are so very talented. much love -mo-

6:36 PM

Anonymous KEP said...

I'm sure you've heard the phrase you can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time. I think it's rude to trash someone just because you don't happen to share the same tastes in colors and whatnot. I like your designs as do numerous others. Don't let the negative people get you down. As best you can shrug it off. Then come and read all the positive things the rest of us have to say. HUGS, HUGS, and more HUGS. And, a little tissue for those tears.


6:50 PM

Anonymous katt said...

OMG! What are they crazy??? I love your work and your gypsy garden kit is my favorite. Beautiful colors on those papers - YUMMY! Your kits are original not the cookie cutter stuff you find elsewhere. This is what I like about them. Don't pay attention to the small minded people. I think you and your creations are WONDERFUL!!!

12:58 AM

Anonymous Kim said...

I am so sorry that you had to hear such rude comments! Thank you so much for not retaliating by naming the blog on yours. It is sad to hear that some think that just because they have a blog they have become the expert! Please keep growing and don't give up. I love the fact that your kits have so much variety and that when I buy a kit from you it is not just recolored with a few different patterns.

1:19 AM

Blogger elaine said...

I don't know where that blog is and I don't care to know. I think your Gypsy Garden is a great funky, fun kit! I like that you make all types of kits to scrap with. One needs a wide variety of styles. Thanks so much for sharing your talents.

1:37 AM

Anonymous Terry said...

Wow, it is still hard to believe there are people this mean out there in the scrapping community. I just wanted to send a little support. Sometimes you see so much of the same thing out there in the digital scrapping world. It seems to run in trends sometimes. You are very creative. You dare to be orginal. It takes courage to put yourself out there with every design. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us. Keep your head up. The opinions of people that low are not worth your attention. Thanks again. Terry

6:54 AM

Blogger Kyrsten said...

You are right - people do have different tastes & you can't please them all, but why they felt the need to tear you down is beyond me! I love Gypsy Garden. It was different that a lot of stuff out there & it is really hard to find different wonderful things. Please do not let this stifful your creativity!!!!

10:25 AM

Blogger Cher said...

hey Cyndi -
can't believe you let that get to ya!!!
they are ignorant, is all - and with people that DON'T know what they are tslking about, i just "consider the source"!!! - please, dearest lady - you are a serious designer - my "udder" daughter is Leslie Hasenkamp - and she gets snide-nasty-ignorant comments all the time - and yup - she gets real hurt - but then she is back - with a simple - if you like something better - go get it! especially when all of her kits have been freebies for a LONG time - she just now is selling - and yes -the Cher and Cher-ish kits are named after me (that is the nicest thing anyone can do!) - anyway - some snide comment about her envelopes in butterfly kit - how dare this woman - she also was "amomymous" - if she didn't like it - don't take it, right?!
but i see in the world of selling your kits - is a BIT differet - and yeah - it always hurts - but you have to do what Les did - speak up for yourself - it is YOUR ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NOT "anon's" art! Let her make her own envelopes/kits/friends(lol)! In your case, that woman was really rude, crude and her ultimate reason for writing that was to appear superior to you - trying to hurt you - especially by writing about you as if you weren't there - kwim?! and that is nasty. just imagine what she is like "in real life"! so, dearest - again - like my mom always said - consider the source - and that speaks volumes -
some of us go about life trying to please others - and ourselves, but there are miserable people out there - whether environmental (ie - her mother was that way - or learned - or hormonal - but that is giving way too much credit - is why so many designers don't want comments shown - moderated - until they check them out - i can go on, but it comes down to this - we all love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
embrace those that love, and just smile at the ignorant - for they know not what they are doing! in her case she did, she wanted to hurt - and that is nasty/ignorant/esteem issues on her part!!! - send her a cyber hug! i think she needs one - !!~!~

wait til you see how many love you - and i don't need quantity - want quality - you are loved! your art is fantastic! i don't buy many things because i am disabled and have no moolah! otherwise...i'd be all over your goodies, cybdi!
hsve an awesome day for yourself - i would ask that you pity the ignorant, but in this case - no - !!!
treat yourself good today - and tomorrow when you wake up - you will see lots more love on your blog - for YOU and YOUR art!

loves - cher - leslie's udder mudder

2:32 PM

Blogger Sarah said...

I don't know what or where that blog is but you, Cyndi, need to know that anyone who has the time to dabble in that sort of exchange isn't worth the cyber-seconds it takes to read it. Seriously, we all have different tastes, and we all have free choice. But apparently we don't all have lives worth living and enjoying - and those negative people have a hole where their life should be. I love your stuff, but that's not even what is important. What is important is that I can choose to download or not. I chose yes. And I have some excellent LO's to show for it. Pardon my french, but...F@#& 'em.
Keep up the good work!
~Sarah (my real name!!!)

8:40 PM

Anonymous linenluvly said...

Oh Cyndi! That is really devastating! At least they had some positive things to say, I guess. Yes I would be hurt and insecure too but these are just two people out of how many happy customers??? They didn't even have the courage to say who they were. Which says alot. Don't let them get to you. Have your last word by continuing to design and be proud of what you do!! I would be interested to know their response to your post on that blog too.

5:29 PM

Blogger grambie said...

Hi, Cyndi, I can't believe that finally after so many problems, I was finally able to stop by your store. I had missed numerous sales that you had in your nl. Talking about Fate, the irony is that the specific kit they were trying to trash is the extra kit that I purchased. So FOO FOO to them XO?$%#@. I also got the kit on sale that those beautiful frames match. The only way I was able to get to your store was to come to your blog. I also visited your photography site. Oh my, your site is beyond imagination with those fabulous photoshots. God has really blessed you with multiple talents that you are so willing to share. I agree with Lukasmummy among others, your growth in such a short time is fantastic. Love your color mixture that enables your kit to go beyond one faction. Also, love that you do not follow the norm with everything distressed so bad that you can't see the papers nor the designs. In the long run, you will persevere and they will not be a memory in anyone's mind. Leavin LUV! XOXOXO

7:29 PM

Anonymous Lea said...

I am so sorry to read that. How people can be so mean! I mean we are people and we have feelings so why won't we be hurt by something like that. that's totally cruel.even if they told some nice things, they just have no right to criticize like that.
I love your work and no matter what they say I will never change my mind
hugs and kisses

9:33 PM

Blogger Scrappy Diva said...

Don't let these nasty comments bother you-these posters are not worth your time. I happen to think that the kit is terrific and your designs are always great quality, as well as unique, colorful and obviously created with joy. I love the bright colors and textures you used in this kit.

11:51 PM

Anonymous Joni said...

Now this makes ME MAD!! You did not deserve that. Nobody does. Uh oh, I'm upset so here comes a "Mana-ism"!!! My Mama always said "If you can't say something nice to somebody, keep your mouth (and in this case, fingers) SHUT". Others that have to go around bashing other people obviously need SO badly to make themselves look good. So what Cyndi? IF they *think* they can create kits even more precious than the many I have purchased from you, I'd put them to the challenge ANY DAY!! I love your designs or I would not have purchased them!! You do excellent work and the people that know that are here to let you know it TO YOUR FACE! We are NOT the type of people that would turn around behind your back and go to some other site and bash you. Had *I* seen it, I would have taken up for you!! I just know that your designs from what I've seen...and they're awesome.

You hold your chin up and know that you are a wonderful Designer....and you are.

Hugs, hugs and now - No More Tears! You hold your head up and move right on with what you're doing...and that is GREAT!!

Sorry this was so long but I warned you I was angry!! OOPS!


12:07 AM

Blogger cinmcw said...

My Gosh! I think they are crazy! I don't know the site you're referring to, but they are in serious need of self-evaluation.
I believe your work is fabulous! Awesome! I agree with another poster who said these people are either 1)jealous, 2) feeling threatened, or 3) mean-spirited. Oh, and they are miserable, as a result! You always find this when nasty words and/or lies are said.
IGNORE them!!! Nothing hurts these kinds of people than not being heard...that's why their rants are so shocking...they're meant to hurt!

I don't care what your designs were like "before", you are an awesome designer!

Cindy (cinmcw)

12:21 PM


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