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45 comments | Monday, June 09, 2008

I came across a smack blog entry where I was thrown to the wolves so to speak about having a grab bag with paper packs in it and not full kits. I didn't realize this was a no-no. My sales were down this time around for grab bags, but I figured it was because it was summer. Perhaps this blog did me in!

Here is the blog address:

Here is what was said and my response:

"Wetfish Bag of Literary Proportions"

Anonymous said...
Papers only? No thanks.

Anonymous said...
ummmmmm, no.I don't even like the colors.

pickyone said...
I like the third paper pack, but I'd consider buying it if it had elements.

Anonymous said...
It would be nice to warned that this is only a paper grab bag on the preview.

Anonymous said...
I'll be so disappointed if I grab this without seeing the previews. Papers only? The designer should mention that it's 3 paper packs and not just say '3 products'!

Anonymous said...
I'd be pi$$ed off if I paid $3 for this! I don't buy paper packs at all, I have more than enough papers already. This designer really should have said the bag only contains papers.

Anonymous said...
Yuck, yuck, and.......drum roll please......YUCK!!! I won't be going to this crappy store any time soon.

renee said...
I would think a designer that isn't to well known--I maybe wrong about her being well known--would stuff a bag full of great things to tempt people to visit her shop more.I have been curious about this designer and her grab bags. I am sooo glad I waited to see it here first. Thanks for saving me money and aggrivation

Anonymous said...
I purchased it sight unseen hoping from the description for maybe stuff that looked like it came from an old library. Some of the papers are the same, just recolored. They're a little flat for my preference and I'll probably add a fabric texture to the papers before using them, but I'm not overly disappointed. I'd agree with the comments that it would have been nice to know it was papers only.

Anonymous said...
I, personally, would not pick this item up- thanks to the reveal here. However, I think it's pretty unfair for the poster above to say that they "would not be visiting this crappy store any time soon". What a rude person- AND ignorant to make an assumption that an entire store is a certain way based on one designer's grab bag. I LOVE how people are so secure with being MEAN here!!! (not)

Lori said...
This is one of the reasons why I appreciate this blog so much! I would have been totally disappointed with this "grab bag" had I bought it. To me, the term "grab bag" means you would receive a sample of different items, not the same item in other colors and/or textures.

kay said...
i think the papers are quite pretty- especially the emma pack, but it definitely would be nice to at least let customers know that there are no elements in this bag. i would have been more than a little irritated to discover this the hard way. i love this blog! TY!

Anonymous said...
The papers look very nice in comparsion to the rest of products in her store. I would not buy from a designer whose products in general are that ugly.

Anonymous said...
Nope, nope and nope. Wouldn't even buy the paper packs. What a disappointment to buy a grab bag and only have paper, and not terrific paper at that.

Anonymous said...
I've used her stuff in the past and it was sooooo difficult. Almost every single thing she sells is created from commercial use stuff. Check it out for yourself.

My response:

Thanks for the feedback. I take it all to heart and learn from it. I don't understand why some people find the need to be so nasty when they review a product or designer, but hey, I'll take what I can get. Feedback of any kind is better than no feedback at all.

Let me start by saying that I have had grab bags in the past with just papers and not one complaint from any of my customers. Until I stumbled upon this tonight I didn't realize that perhaps putting on the previews that the three products were paper packs would be something customers would appreciate. So thanks for the heads up. In the future, if I do this again--and I will poll my customers to see if they don't like personal grab bags with just paper packs and not take this blog's comments as "the rule"---I will put on the grab bag that the products are paper packs.

As to using commercial use products on most of my stuff, obviously whoever posted that doesn't know me or my products. I only use textures I make with photographs I take. Pattern CU overlays? Yes, I've used them but not as much as I did when I started out. I am still new and learning how to make a lot of things for use in my own designs, especially elements. And if you look at my store I am starting to make a lot of my own pattern overlays for use in making my own kits.

Take my kit "For Sam." No CU overlays were used. No CU textures were used. It sold very well. And the free samplers and quickpages I made and give out at Divine Digital are being downloaded like crazy. So don't say I am a "CU designer" unless you really know my designs and have purchased them or sampled them via freebies or Download a Day kits that I've participated in at Divine Digital. And I am doing one now and if you visit my blog, wetfishscraps.blogspot.com you will find plenty of freebies to see my design style for yourself.

To the person who said my designs were "hard to work with," why can't you be specific? Which kit? Why was it hard? Why do critics on these blogs make such blanket statements---why not be specific so the designer learns from the feedback and doesn't just walk away wondering why her/his designs were hard to work with? I appreciate the feedback but hey, if you are going to post a statement like that be specific not just for the designer but for the the readers wanting to know what you mean.

And to the blogger who posted that she was "sooo glad I waited to see it here first. Thanks for saving me money and aggrivation." I challenge you to put a name to your comment and email me (cyndi@divinedigital.com). I'll gladly give you any products you would like so you can see for yourself who I am and how I design. And then, if you still think I am not worth my salt, I wouldn't blame you for blogging about me and sharing your disapointment in my designs with the readers of this or other blogs.

Well known? No, I am not. And nor do I really want to be. It seems the more well known you are the more you get trashed in blogs like this. I only came to this blog so I could see what was in some of the grab bags I was thinking of buying. This wasn't a blog I viewed as a smack blog. I don't frequent those. But low and behold, I was listed and what is posted here I read and I go away knowing a little bit more than I did before I came.

If you purchased this grab bag and don't like it? Email me and I'll refund your money. No problem. No questions asked. I don't want unhappy customers so let me give you back your money.

Finally *yes I like to chatter), I just want to say that I, too, have purchased many a digital product that I have not liked and found to be of poor quality. But I would never, ever come to an open forum such as this and slam a designer. I would email the designer and express my opinion. It takes a certain kind of person to do what it seems everyone does on these smack blogs. I am just so glad that I am not that kind of person.

Cyndi, Wetfish Designs

If you want to read the comments that I am sure people will post after my reply, here is the blog address--and I am NOT asking anyone to go and stick up for me!!! I just want people to be informed: http://digismack.blogspot.com/

And like I said in my post, I would really like to know which of the following you want in a personal use grab bag:

a) Don't mind paper packs
b) Want full kits
c) Want a little of both
d) hate them, won't buy again
e) love them, will buy again
f) please put type of product on preview

PLEASE either comment via this blog or email me your answer to this very important question. More than one answer is okay!!! I really want to give my customers what they want and deserve when they purchase something from me.



Blogger ~HJ said...

I think if the grab bag is a freebie, you take what you get because it's free. But if the grab bag is a hodge podge of items and there's a price tag you should see what you are getting. I call my papers that are not with kits or collections as orphans because they are usually thrown out of a kit and don't belong to anything. And my grab bags are a collection of papers and goodies. I never sell my grab bags.

11:02 PM

Anonymous Rebecca Labbe said...

Hi Cyndi

I can't believe the kind of crap people write on the Net. It makes me sick to read such comments. It seems the "Anonymous" tag allows people to show their true dark colours. You are definitely a very strong person to share these with us.

And as for your question, I think you take your chances with grab bags. Anyone who purchases a grab bag doesn't have the right to complain about it's contents. It's like trashing the lotto commission because you didn't win.

Personally, I love your kits and paper packs. You have a fantastic style and I especially love your photographs. I'm proud to be on your CT.


11:06 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really? I mean really? Sorry Cyndi. I have always downloaded your freebies and loved them! I am just blown away here. I don't really think that being hurtful and unkind has anything to do with constructive critism. I admire your positive attitude after reading such nasty things. Wow, it really does take all kinds, but I have to go pick my jaw back up off the floor. Thank you so much for this weeks installments to Daddy's Candy. Brilliant!


11:07 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy,
I hope you don't let these people get to you to much. I have several of your grab bags and have really enjoyed them. Grab bags are a chance you take. You buy it not knowing whats in it. Then its up to you. I don't know that it being all paper would be that big of a deal to me.

11:12 PM

Blogger Suz said...

I'm so disgusted that people actually talk like this about someone. I don't even want to know where this blog is, because I don't even want to make their counter move!! I agree, that most of the babbling and bashing was neither constructive or warranted. Designs are personal preference, some people LOVE elements, some people LOVE papers. I personally am a paper person and I love your stuff. I have also purchased your grab bags and in no way was disappointed. One more point...isn't that what CU products are for? Comercial Use...like designing? Boy, makes me afraid to start designing!! Don't even begin to let people like this get to you...I support all that you and regularly showcase your designs on MY blog. Blinkie flying high!!

11:12 PM

Blogger Elizabeth said...

Man, that is rough! I have noticed many negative posts on YouTube, it must be sort of universal. I guess some people just like to gripe. I think all you can get out of that is maybe to give a better idea of what is inside, sometimes the ones I buy say something about how many products, retail value, of course whether it is CU or personal. And yes, I use them to see if I like the designer's current style. The best thing I've seen is someone made a free QP in the same store and told everyone the items were from the grab bag. I liked the QP so I snapped the bag right up. Just a suggestion, but Lordy, hopefully a positive one!

11:15 PM

Blogger Ilona said...

Being anonymous apparently makes "normal" women bitches... I'm so sorry they can't tell you honestly what they think.
I didn't see the papers, and I didn't look at the smack blog yet, but I'm so not a paper-person that I wouldn't be too happy with an all-paper grabbag. I just love elements! As a designer, I love making papers, and I think it's a great idea to put in the preview what's in it. Not specifically, but like: 1 paper pack, 1 element pack, 1 wordart or something.
For commercial bags, I hardly ever buy them anymore, especially if not's stated what's in it. I've bought bags with actions and styles, which I can't use in Paintshop Pro. So if I see that a bag contains "1 set of overlays, 1 elements (png)" etc, that's very helpful.

11:19 PM

Blogger stacy said...

You are one strong lady, and I thought that your response was alot more graceful than I could have been. Good for you, speaking up for yourself and keeping your head held high.
As far as grab bags go, I like some clue as to what's inside. Perhaps like Ilona said, a list of '1 paper pack, 1 set overlays, etc'. Or even a hint like KimB does...things peeking out of a bag. You can't tell what they are, but you get a hint as to colors, etc.
I'm an element person myself, and have never bought a paper pack, so I probably wouldn't be thrilled with only papers, but I certainly wouldn't fault the designer. A grab bag is supposed to be an unknown, and if someone chooses to buy something sight unseen, they shouldn't complain.
And BTW, I have 'For Sam' and love it. (((hugs)))

11:34 PM

Anonymous Pat H. said...

Cyndi, I must be too far behind the times. I didn't even know there were such sites and cannot imagine being associated with them. Even disappointment is not sufficient reason for someone to make rude or demeaning comments. I have purchased your grab bags and have never felt disappointed. The papers are beautiful. To be honest, most grab bags tend to have a little of several things so maybe that's what they are looking for. Anyway, don't take their caustic comments to heart. I have tons of your designs and enjoy using them for any kind of layout. Keep up your unique and wonderful style of designing.

11:37 PM

Anonymous Granna Deanna said...

Both in brick & mortar stores or other types of online retail stores, most grab bags are sealed. You purchase products sight unseen. Often, the products are items from a discontinued line, one that did not sell well, or to simply clear shelf space for new inventory. Sometimes, grab bags contain new products to provoke customer excitement. I think the very nature of a grab bag is the undisclosed element. That said, the general category of merchandise might be mentioned without revealing the exact item (i.e., "this bag contains at least 10 yards of ribbon" or "has 15 cooking items worth over $X"). This might help someone make a purchase decision; however, the mystique of a grab bag is in the unknown. I'm not much of a gambler, but when I choose to buy a grab bag I do it with the awareness that not every item might meet my personal perferences. This is the risk that I take but this risk is also balanced with the knowledge that I might find a real treasure at quite a substantial savings. I love nearly every item involved in scrapbooking (digital or tangible) so I'm easily satisfied. I'm thrilled with wordart, brushes, papers, elements, etc.... Regardless of your purpose for producing these grab bags, they are an expression of your soul and personality. As someone who struggles in the creative process (partially because I fear the rejection), I would never criticize another's work and vulnerability. You have the right to share what you wish. You began creating to fill you own need. In turn, you decided to avail yourself to others. If your offerings are not to their liking, they certainly have the right as a consumer to refrain from your boutique. If they choose to reveal your grab bag on that blog, they could do so in a straight forward fashion without passing a moral judgment (i.e., "this grab bag contains three floral paper packs"). This would allow others to make an informed (not enflamed) decision. Unfortunately, the supposed anonymity of the internet lends itself to a group mentality. I hope that as many people would choose to positively blog (even if a criticism) and that it would inspire other to do the same. Thank you for sharing so much (not just the freebies) with us on the blog (i.e., the pictures from the Amish schoolhouse). I appreciate all creative effort even if it does not meet my preconceived expectation. Keep trying!

11:42 PM

Blogger My Full Hands said...

So sorry people are so rude! I love everything I have downloaded from your site. I am a new digiscrapper and have never purchased a grab bag, but seriously, a grab bag is a grab bag, I would expect that there would be somethings in that I would use, and others that I wouldn't and call it good. Keep your chin up and keep designing!

11:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously? They smacked YOU?!?!!

Good grief. I agree with Rebecca... the "anonymous" tag seems to give some people the freedom to become complete jerks. I, like you, could never be so hateful and I admire you even more for your calm, logical rebuttal. What happened to direct confrontation? Even through the relative anonymity of email, you can explain - in private - rather than the smear campaigns these sites breed and feed, whatever your beef is with the designer or his/her products.

I've been a fan of yours for some time. My first exposure to your designs was when you began selling at the original Scraphead and I was on its CT. Sure, some kits/papers are easier for me to work with than others, but that's just a matter of personal preference - color, style, texture.

I'm sure your email and comment boxes can attest to how THRILLED I was to find you again at Divine Digital. When I took part in the Last Scrapper Standing, I used primarily YOUR products. If you're downloading freebies and you don't like it, familiarize yourself with the delete key. If you're spending money on product, why would you BUY something you felt was 'difficult' to work with?

Grab bags are a different animal, because you don't know exactly what you're getting - although many designers post "hints" on the packaging. But, personally, I only buy grab bags from designers I've used in the past.

Grab bags are a great way to get many items for a fraction of their original cost. Am I completely satisfied with EVERY grab bag I've ever unzipped (and some have been freebie grab bags!), no. But when a designer packs $40 of product and sells it for $8 or $10 of product and sells it for $2 - even if you can use ONE of the kits, or paper packs, or element packs, you've already gotten your money's worth, IMHO.

Would I like a distinction between grab bags with only papers, only elements, only full kits, or a combination? Well sure. But half the FUN of unzipping a grab bag is to see what's inside.

I like KimB's way of "revealing" her grab bags. She has her CT scrap with items from the GBs and then posts them on her blog as "hints". Once she even revealed a product a day that was contained in her GB over the week it was in her store.

Ultimately, you aren't going to be able to please everyone. To quote Billy Joel, "don't go changin' to try and please me... I love you just the way you are."

Chin up.

11:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Cyndi,
Please don't let the rudeness get to you - you handled the situation extremely well imho! As a relatively long time customer of yours I really liked the last idea of letting customers know what types of products they would be getting. Any kind of hint is oh so appreciated! It kind of defeats the concept of a grab bag but for me I usually skip the grab bags if it's a tight money month unless I know there is the type of product I would want in it. Example - I tend to really like elements - nothing against other stuff but that's my personal taste - if I know there are going to be elements in a bag then I'm more apt to buy it. I own a lot of your stuff and have never been disappointed by what you have created. I didn't buy this latest grab bag simply bbecause the budget didn't stretch that far this month. (((Hugs)))

12:08 AM

Anonymous crlin said...

I really don't understand the purpose of that blog! Is it to put everyone down?? When you purchase a grab bag it is always a surprise and you never know what you will get. If it is all papers that is ok, if it is all elements, that is ok. That is the way a grab bag is supposed to be. I don't understand how they are able to look inside before they are revealed anyway. Please keep up your great work and don't let these people with nothing better to do ruin your day. Your designs are awesome and your generosity amazing.

1:03 AM

Blogger Caroline said...

Personally, I love your stuff. I do however only buy your CU stuff now as I am a beginner Designer, but now it looks as though using these CU items to design is considered a no-no! How stupid is that comment !! what else are they for :) I'm sure as I get more experience, I will create and use my own CU stuff, but in the meantime, that is what i have all your Clever Clogs out there for LOL
ignore them, and know that we all luvs ya! keep up the great work and don't let the turkeys get you down !

1:06 AM

Blogger Vicky S. said...

Ya know some people are just plain rude. I have seen how your designs have evolved from the beginning and I think they still great. So maybe next time you can just call it a paper pack grab bag but a grab bag is just that a grab bag. I don't get to open them first when I buy them for my kids at the dollar store, or toy store. I pay and the boys get what ever they get, that's the choice they made to buy the bag. And let me tell you I have had bags with a mix of stuff that I liked and didn't like. No, I didn't go saying mean things to the designer, it's the choice I made to buy it. I still went back the next month so hah! to the nay sayers. Don't let a few trolls get you down. There are lots of us that love you and your designs.

1:06 AM

Blogger Caroline said...

PS I have not bought Grab Bags because of the "unknown" factor and then kicked myself when they are revealed as they were so cool. It's the nature of the beast, that you don't know what you have til you download it.... but it's also the attraction !

1:08 AM

Blogger ciocichar said...

Hi Cyndi! You already know what I think of your designs - I'm going to have to take a loan out on my house if you keep designing so quickly lol! All the people who commented above were all correct, and I didn't know sites like this existed either, because, personally, I would never use a site to trash anyone. The choice on TV is to change the channel, and nobody is forcing them to purchase your products (not that I need to be forced in any way lol!). They can just purchase from another designer's store, not trash you anonymously, like cowards. No reason for it, and I'm sorry they lack integrity. And, lastly, a grabbag is a grabbag. You take your chances in buying one. Although I've always been pretty satisfied with ones that I've purchased.

Anyway, I love all your stuff, not the carbon copy stuff. And I love all your photos! Keep up the great work!

1:14 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

IMHO, what I looove in grab bags are the "hodge podge" things as hj called them. I can buy a kit generally anytime, a grab bag to me is kinda like a party bag. I would like to know ahead of time if it was all papers, but didn't comment so on the blog. But this is only because I personally don't generally get too much use out of papers as it is, but I don't think I would have been morbidly upset had I bought it. Perhaps better previews would serve to spice up reviews. I've noticed one thing, many ladies to to love a kit not necessarily based on quality, but how their preview is presented. I've seen these GREAT previews and then opened the actual kit and said to myself, wow, I can't believe I just bought this, it's kind of a let down sometimes. Maybe those previews trick people into thinking they're more talented than they really are. LMBO. But, really, I think your designs are great. Don't let negative feedback get to you! Throw an alpha or two in and the paper thing will be forgotten. Everyone loves an alpha! What no? Haha.

1:44 AM

Blogger kim said...

Well, I tend to agree with Granna Deanna - grab bags are where you take your chances - remembering that you are almost always paying a significantly reduced price. You can look at the designer's other kits to get an idea of her style and such, but that should always be the buyer's responsibility. BUT, regardless of how you decide to do your grab bags, it is so very disappointing to see these types of blogs and it saddens me to see such rudeness. Would any of these people have the audacity to walk into a store and open all of their grab bags and be surprised when the store asked them to leave? I doubt it.
Please keep growing Cyndi. You are doing a great job :)

2:01 AM

Blogger Elaine said...

Hi Cindy,
Some people expect a lot. They probably are not paying customers anyway, so take it with a grain of salt. Grab bags are just that--surprises. They are usually deeply discounted so If you like a few things, you have gotten a good deal.
I am one who likes paper better than elements. My absolute favorite thing though is a mini kit. One with a few(3-4) papers and 3-5 elements. Love them better than big huge kits in grab bags and just for purchase.

Hope that helps.

I also like the way you market yourself. i enjoy getting your e-mails letting me know about your new products. Keep a stiff upper lip and keep on keeping on.

Lifeis good!

2:48 AM

Anonymous Karin said...

I for one love your designs, and the way you stood up for yourself. I agree, if you don't like somebody's product or work, email privately to resolve it. As for your poll I don't buy any digi grab bags at all, but if I did I really liked the suggestion of listing what type of product as inside ie: 1 x paper, 1 x element, 1 x whatever, would be good, as has already been suggested here.
Take care Cyndi, you're doing great with your designs.

3:15 AM

Blogger Sharon said...

HI Cyndi, I can't believe that there are such rude blogs out there. I know when I was a CT member, my designer got 'smacked' on one of these blogs and your self-esteem takes a battering because of it! I love the stuff of yours that I have either bought or received as a freebie, and honestly can't understand why people feel the need to be so nasty when they are 'anonymous'. Personally, I prefer the (limited) grab bags I buy to have a mix of paper and elements, but not necessarily full kits - no point practically giving away all your hard work! While not everyone will like your work, and even those that do will not like everything you do, there is no need to be nasty or rude!! And there are plenty of designers out there whose work can be improved, but leaving nasty comments for them will just make a lot of them give up, and not strive to improve!

Keep up your good work, keep your positive attitude and continue to hold your head high and not stoop to their (nasty) level!


5:18 AM

Blogger Barb said...

Personally I have never heard of the blog or will visit it. People can be so nasty!!! A grab bag is just that--a surprise--the designer can put whatever she wants in it--if you told or gave a preview it wouldn't be a surprise.
Be strong and ignore them.

6:18 AM

Blogger Denise said...

Cyndi and all designers out there--please stay away from any site that has "smack" in the url. You will be hurt. This is the place where many trolls abound. I did see a couple of comments from folk that were not completely smack, but for the most part, those here seem to be the same kind of folk that will slam a freebie, for goodness sake.
That being said, I wait to see the reveals of several of a designer's grab bag before i take a chance on buying one sight unseen. AND if the reveal happens and i want to kick myself, i just do and pay full price and remind myself to grab it next time. OF COURSE, i would love to know what's inside first; expect it? no! I'm always a little more inclined to buy one if i see something intriguing in the preview, but again--a grab bag is just that. I would probably love it if designers said something like "paper pack grab bag" in this case, but again, grab bag = take your changes and shut the heck up if THIS one is not all YOU want it to be.

Sheesh, the nerve!

I am buying up your wonderful overlays, and i appreciate that established :) designers are willing to share their work and see it plastered all over the 'net as someone else's work with only a little color applied. I hope i will always give you credit even though you don't REQUIRE it. It is a wonderful gift. Thanks.

OK, i need to turn this verbose fountain OFF! Hang in, Cyndi, and stay away from smack sites. Really, to reveal someone's grab bag--you might as well not have a grab bag any more...

blessings, LLG aka denise

6:49 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow - amazing how bitter and mean people thrive in some sort of hate as if it would gain them a trophy. To even set up and actively participate on a web page or blog solely for the reason of smacking people goes beyond my imagination.

Grab Bags turn out to be more or less fun at times, we've all probably both lucked out, as well as having been disappointed before. I'm a firm believer in not having any expectations for particular items, a number of different items or whatever - if I do, I buy the particular item to begin with, not the grab bag. No brainer to me.

As for your designs, I got one of your grab bags last weekend (Stocking up), which I am very pleased with.

7:33 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. I lovee your stuff!
2. You are the designer, you can design and package what you want!
3. I as the consumer can choose to buy your bag or not, and I choose to buy! buy! buy! without spoiling the surprise or indulging in smack!

10:07 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really enjoy the grab bag site but unless you pack it full of juicy items they tend to pan them....they completely ripped apart We Are Storytellers grab bag as well as several other highly regarded designers...Unfortunately, the 'reveal' has skewed things to the point where the readers have extremely high (and unrealistic expectations).

I have seen a lot of growth in your designs and you are always trying to offer customers a deal...

In the future if you do a papers only bag, you might want to mention this as people do sort of assume it will be more of a mix

10:13 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I usually shy away from grab bags, not knowing what is in them. But when I have purchased grab bags from anyone I take that gamble...will I like it or will it be something that will sit on the back burner until the right picture comes along to use it with. Your work is great and you are very generous with the freebies. There are always going to be grumblers out there. They seem to be louder than those of us who are satisfied.

10:19 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Cyndi,
Last night, I drafted several heated responses to this post - deleted them all and will simply say this; no one has the right to "trash" others.

You are a wonderful designer and deserve respect as such. we aren't "forced" to buy your creations and if we choose to purchase a grab bag, what's in the bag is what we get!!
Some grab bags are more appealing than other but it's a matter of personal preference.

To your question - I like a mix in grab bags I buy - I really like elements, especially frames. I have bought several of your bags (contents unknown) and have not been disappointed. You offer huge value for the money spent.

Keep up the great work! Love your blog and all the photos you share. A BIG thank you!!


10:29 AM

Blogger EnchantedCropper said...

I vote C or F. I think your items are quality, and I agree with you, 1) people should not speak of someone so negatively and 2) certainly not anonymously. I appreciate what you offer and keep it up!

10:55 AM

Blogger angmag55 said...

This is so amazing that these people think they have the right to say such garbage and they get by with it. Reminds me of the Junk trash Mag National Enquirer what they say can hurt so many and any smart person can read and tell that it is crap. So Boo Hiss to these Jerks. Give your name real cute to say crap like this when no one knows who you are.

I love Papers and I also love a little of both. Anything I have gotten wether free or paid for is just awesome Cyndi.

11:05 AM

Blogger Rachael said...

I have only purchased cu grab bags, but I have run into a problem with the designer not clearly stating that half the bag is only for a certain kind of PS. So yeah I guess I want want to know if it only had papers. I think of a grad bag as a little bit of everything. Don't think its a big deal though they didn't do the research they should have and realized you seem to specialize in papers. Which by the way I love :)

11:12 AM

Blogger angmag55 said...

Man these people remind me of the ones who write smack about Political and Entertainment People. I think that Magazine is called National Enquirer and iof you really believe that trash oh well your life. I look at the reall over all picture and what these people here women for the most part are screaming Cyndi is that they are envious of your talent. Yeppers they are Green with Envy. Need to get a clue and move on in life.
I love anything you have given us as freebies and I adore all of your Kits.
I would buy anything you made if I had all the money without worries.
Hugs and tell them to Bug off.

11:12 AM

Blogger ciocichar said...

Hey Cyndi! I never did give an answer to your poll - I do buy mostly CU grabbags, but if I did buy PU grabbags, it would be - c) Want a little of both. Thanks for listening!

12:17 PM

Blogger Jody said...

Sorry you were treated so rudely. As to my preference - I do like to have a general idea of what is in the bag before I buy i.e. templates, frames, papers. elements etc. I have enough problems keeping to my budget with scrapping so I don't like to buy things when I have o idea what might be in the bag.

Other than that, I love your designs.

1:03 PM

Anonymous ktjrdn said...

I think you handled it wonderfully. Very mature of you.

I odn't usually buy grab bags,m because I am hesitant to buy sight unseen. I probably wouldn't buy a paper only bag (because I have so many already), but knowing it was sight-unseen, I certainly wouldn't be angry about it.

2:37 PM

Blogger sunny1972 said...

I am a new visitor to your site but I must say I am disgusted with the comments that the people made, And you handled it with dignty and grace, which is a lot more than can be said for many of those people. How sad that people are like that!!! hope they have happy lives.. and can sleep at night

5:15 PM

Blogger Lynncal said...

Hi Cyndi,
whew, glad I'm not a designer, those are harsh words and I'd probably cry!! anyway, I know you from Divine and have used your products. First let me say you are always so very generous with freebies, add on etc, so thank you for that. As far as grab bags go I do like a mixture of stuff for personal use, but I have so many kits and am on 5 CT's I rarely buy personal grab bags anymore. I like when you get a sneak peak of some of the things in a grab bag, like show an element, and partial paper in the grab bag preview itself, that way I know if the style or colors appeal to me, and I have some idea of what is in it. Hope you are feeling ok, don't let a few get you down....art is such a personal taste you can't please everyone! Hope this helps some

7:39 PM

Anonymous Georgia said...

Cindy don't cave to what these people are saying as anoymous replies in an environment that is just there to bitch. As you said we know what sort of people they are. So don't take anything that is said seriously. If someone buys your products and doesn't like them that's tough. No need for a refund. I have bought stuff from other designers at times and thought "not as good as I thought it was going to be". I would never ask for a refund just because of this. Don't go and read these blogs because what is said is not feedback just backstabbing! Hugs Georgia ( i don't have a blogger id)

9:02 PM

Blogger deliaann said...

I am so happy that you have so many wonderful scrapping customers who have given you such fantastic feedback. I believe a grab bag is a surprize and you don't get to know what you are getting. I personally love papers and have always been thrilled with the things I've gotten from you. The only thing I think you need to tell is if a product is included that not everyone could use - like something specific to Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. I like how much you are oriented toward customer service and always thinking about what we might like and giving us the opportunity to sample. Keep up the great work! Things like this will make me think of you before other designers.

9:44 PM

Blogger PatinParis said...

I sent you a longer, more in-depth response, but for here, I would say probably best to at least give a hint, mixed bag, all papers, etc. I personally prefer a "mixed" bag.

Normally, if you look at what the designer makes and sells you have some idea of what "could be" in the bag, and if you like their style or not. If you buy the bag just because it is cheap and hope for what you want, good luck...if you enjoy a surprise and can use anything..bags are perfect for you. But you know you DO NOT KNOW what is in when you buy, why complain after?

But you really cannot please everyone all the time so don't bother trying! Normally the complainers take up a tiny percentage of the overall customer base... and considering the amount of customers you know you reach, they just gave you added advertising for free! The reliable customer will look and make their own decision.

6:45 AM

Blogger Dracowin said...

First off I would like to say I am very impressed with how gracefully you handled this and your response on the other blog. That says a lot about the person you are.
Also I apologize for replying a bit late. I've been in the midst of a miserable move and have been offline for a few days.
I personally figure I'm always taking a chance if I get a grab bag and if I'm ever seriously disappointed for some reason, I would contact the designer with my reasons not make a public issue of it. I do appreciate when commercial use grab bags say if they are actions or something that can only be used with certain programs so I don't waste money on items I can't use, but otherwise I just make an educated guess based on other products by that designer and take my chances. Some hint at what is inside is nice, but I don't expect it. Grab bags are sold at a big discount specifically because you take a chance on the contents. If someone wants to be guaranteed that they will like what they get, then they should wait and buy at full price. I'm rarely at all disappointed in the grab bags I get. I loved your paper packs and know I will enjoy using them.
Please don't take those awful comments to heart. Some people just aren't happy unless they can be putting someone else down. You did not deserve such awful treatment.

11:50 PM

Blogger krissej69 said...

I think it would be nice to know that a grab bag is paper only, but like others said and I agree, you take your chances when you buy a grab bag and since they are usually quite cheap anyway, I would never complain! In a grab bag I would love them to have a couple different types, like a paper with a word art or element, but I'm not picky!

As for as your designs, I just want to say that I absolutely love your style, I especially loved your portion of the April DAD at Divine Digital for Earth Day (my daughter was born on earth day and I loved using your stuff for a shutterfly book I did for her!), your designs are wonderful, thank you for sharing so generously too - I love your blog freebies!

4:39 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I personally don't buy grab bags specifically becuase I don't know what's in them. I like to be able to see a preview of what I'm getting so I guess my answer would be "please put type of product on preview". But that's just my opinion for what it's worth. I'm sure there are other folks out there that love the surprise.

I wouldn't be too worried about what people post in anonymous comments. If they don't have the kahunas to put their name to their post then I wouldn't pay any attention to them.

I love your stuff, by the way!!!!

6:32 AM


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