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2 comments | Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Well, yesterday was quite eventful in my little corner of the world. I woke up and got the boys dressed and fed and we were going to make a Sam's Club run. For us that also means a stop afterwards at NASCAR McDonalds. Yes, there is such a place in this world and it is in my neck of the woods. The whole theme of the McDonald's is NASCAR and they have a real NASCAR on the ceiling and you sit at booths around a car, too. And NASCAR photos and posters and anything else NASCAR related is on the walls. So this is Sam's favorite place at this stage in his little life. So he was excited and I was excited because I really hadn't been to Sam's Club in a couple months and needed to stock up. So, that is how we started out. Did we make it to either place? No. Here is why:

My poor laptop was destroyed by my three year old son. Don't ask me how he did it but I do know why. He wanted the letter "x." The letter x is his favorite letter in the alphabet. So he must have banged quite a few cars on the keyboard while I was in the basement putting in a load of laundry. Now you have to understand that without a laptop I cannot design. I have a desktop up in my guest bedroom but I can't live in that room all day with my boys. The portability of a laptop is my saving grace when it comes to being a mommy at home and being a designer. So I come up from the basement ready to put the boys in the car to head out to Sam's Club and NASCAR McDonalds. And I am met with my son standing in the kitchen holding out the letter "x" from my keyboard. Big smile on his face of course. And then I saw the whole computer with the smashed keyboard. Saying the I freaked out and completely had a melt down is putting it mildly.

Out comes the gorilla glue and for like an hour I'm trying to glue the keys back on the keyboard but to no avail as the springs have been smashed and can't go back on. A call to Toshiba informs me that I have to send my laptop to Japan to have a new keyboard installed because my computer is like six years old and no stores carry the parts. So you can imagine how much that would cost. Not to mention that I have been nursing this laptop, trying to make it live another year so I could buy a new one when we could better afford it. Well the new laptop was purchased yesterday and I have to say I am not happy about it. I absolutely hate Vista. Hate it. And it is such a pain having to transfer all my files, my email addresses (that is why I haven't been sending out any emails), my software and a million other things. So here we are in the middle of xmas in July, the biggest event of the year at Divine Digital, and I am barely keeping my head above water trying to finish up some products and get this laptop up to speed.

So I have nothing new to show you tonight. I just thought I would blog in case someone came by and decided to see if I was still a part of this world or not. I am. I'm just adjusting to life with Vista and trying to keep little sticky hands far, far away from my new laptop. So hi there, I'm alive and yes, I took out insurance on my new laptop that covers all accidents.

I'll leave you with a few photos of some flowers that I took this weekend and like. They are not touched up but they were okay enough to share....

And a few of my kids....

I'll check in tomorrow with a freebie and some new product reveals (cross your fingers I can learn Vista fast).




Blogger SteinwaysMom said...

You poor thing - that must be awful...sorry about all the junk you're having to deal with...designing can be a real pain sometimes...I guess if Vista is that bad you can maybe reinstall XP - that's what we did at work cause everyone hated it so bad.

It'll all work for the best in the end...maybe you needed a new computer and you'll get lots of new business to help pay for it...

6:35 PM

Blogger Terebene said...

Those are the saddest laptop pictures I think I have ever seen! So sorry...

10:49 PM


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