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24 comments | Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Okay, so now I have my blog template fixed so there isn't a big box or bar in the middle anymore. Perhaps this means I'll get more comments? I hope so, I just love hearing from people. It is so strange because on my computers it looked okay. But I went in and played with the html (which in my case is like a miner playing with dynamite and having no clue as to what and how to do it) and it actually worked. Now I can officially so I am not AS technically challenged as I was the day before. So thanks to everyone for alerting me to the big box in the way. I appreciate getting that kind of info so I can fix things I don't even know are wrong.

New prodcuts in the store!!! More vintage stuff that is personal or commercial use. Hope you like it. Click on the image to get to the product in the store:

So I went the farmers market today and snapped tons of mystery pictures. Tonight I am going to post one on the Divine Digital challenge for photography which I am in charge of and so far has been a bust. I think the mystery photo thing, with instructions on how to then turn the mystery photo into an overlay or texture file, will be a hit. So be on the lookout if you have liked playing it here on my blog and I will continue to post fun mystery photos here at least once a week because I have so much fun taking "weird" pictures. At the farmers market today this guy was teasing me for taking pictures of his dirty table. Check him out, he is just too funny, especially with that hat----I am his most regular customer and he always has old books, postcards, newspapers, etc. waiting for me. He is a real character. Very funny and he has an awesome collection. Today I purchased issues of the local paper from the early 1900s and late 1800s. And he had some really awesome post cards from the middle east.

I will share some "non-mystery" photos with you from today, too. I just love photography. I wish it would pay the bills so I could do it as a full time career. But around here, in a small rural area, people go to who they know and who is established. They are hesitant to try someone new when it comes to something important like portraits. So I've been concentrating on shooting stuff that I can sell on iStock. So far they are liking my texture photos, but that doesn't mean anyone is buying them. I have to figure out the best way to tag my photos on iStock so they get mainstreamed a little more. They also want photos of people and I have tons of photos of my sons that I need to touch up before I try and get them accepted. So, I will continue to take pictures of the weird and use them for photo challenges and iStock submissions. Either way, it still makes me happy and that really is all that matters.

So my one and only CT member, Rebecca, is just getting started with her SNAPlet album work at Divine Digital. At Divine Digital we call quickpages "SNAPlets." Sounds snappier I guess...Anyway, she gave away some quickpages on her blog that she made from my "Angler" kit (and I am so happy to read in the comments that the add-on is highly anticipated!) and now she has two brag book pages up on her blog as freebies. She made these from my "Inch by Inch, Row by Row" kit. Aren't they cute? Click on the image to get to her blog and download them. While there, say hi and leave a comment since she is new to the blog world and a lot of scrappers haven't found her blog yet. So go. Go now!!!

So why only one CT member? Well, I had more. One started a smack blog and smacked me around (Digital Disturbances) and others just kind of went off and never came back. Rebecca is my champ. And to be honest, she is all I need. I am so sick of reading about how CT members are cheerleaders for designers, pimps for designers, etc. It seems like having a CT member is a bad thing in the eyes of the scrappers purchasing products. From what I've been reading at DST, the galleries, praise games and gallery standouts are being flooded with CT layouts and the little people aren't getting noticed and comments are rarely given to anyone who is not a part of the "in crowd" or CT mania. So I will just hang with Rebecca because it works for me and I like her a lot. She is honest and talented. I hope she gets a lot of business with her new SNAPlet boutique at Divine Digital and I will be posting updates here on my blog when she officially opens up shop, has sales, new products and freebies on her blog. So go Rebecca!!!

I'll end this post with some of the many photos I took today at the farmers market.. They aren't touched up yet, but that takes time I don't have for nonwork photos, so they are untouched.....so just shoot me if that bothers you! The first one is my favorite....

Oh and the mystery clue? This is an item often found on a dresser. Keep guessing...I have nine more coupons to give out!




Blogger Shelley said...

Is it a metal knob for a dresser?

2:30 PM

Blogger Anke said...

Shelley, that was my guess too, a hammered copper or something know, or a piggy bank or the back of a hair brush. Great picture, whatever it is!

2:35 PM

Blogger Wendi said...

Hi - I think it's a metal (hammered copper probably) picture frame.


2:41 PM

Blogger ciocichar said...

I think the mystery photo is definitely something hammered copper, such as a piggy bank. My boys each had one when they were little.

2:50 PM

Anonymous Betsy said...

Your photographs are really great!

3:15 PM

Blogger Angel with a Vengeance said...

I go for the back of a mirror.
Nothing else comes to mind.
Love the guy from the market, he looks like he is having the time of his life!

7:10 PM

Blogger Melanie said...

oke here´s my next try, still think it´s something round, not flat, so I´d guess a copper bowl, decorative plate or a piggy bank????? no idea....great challenge!

7:36 PM

Anonymous Diana said...

Your pictures are great. Love the guy at the market. You captured his personality.
I am not sure about your mystery photo...way to stump us!! Is it a dresser tray to hold your perfume, etc.?

9:18 PM

Anonymous Lainey said...

Ok. I'm thinking it's a piggy bank!

10:03 PM

Blogger Dracowin said...

the piggy bank guess is right

11:13 PM

Blogger LVMommy22 said...

i had thought the photo was a piggy bank at first, but i couldn't figure out what the spot could be. today i remembered that some piggy banks have two sides screwed together. is that what the spot is on it? btw, i'm guessing piggy bank now, lol!

i can see why you like that first photo: it's charming! my fave is the zucchinis. and that man looks like he might burst out of the photo laughing! it put a huge smile on my face just seeing his toothy grin! thanks for the eye candy!

5:36 AM

Blogger Sheila said...

Ah, something found on a dresser ... so it's not the glass ... how about a bank, maybe a piggy bank?
Love the pictures ... especially the goose! That farmer's market looks like lots of fun.
And yup, I got to the bottom of the comments part with no problem this time. Good going!

1:08 PM

Blogger Bobbie said...

oh wow im jsut stumped lol. I think maybe a piggy bank too. the only thing that gets me is the indention in the middle, maybe the eye or nose hole? Good brain teaser LOL!

10:50 PM

Blogger Melberry said...

WONDERFUL photos, Cindy. These are just terrific. As for your comments about CT members, I think they're a great thing to have. I'd promote your designs anytime and would enjoy being on your CT -- your creativity is terrific and your photos are exactly the kind I love to take myself. Your farmer's market guy is a hoot. Bet he loved it that you took his photo! Keep up the great work! Melanie http://mmdcreations.blogspot.com/

7:57 AM

Anonymous Lea said...

for the mystery pic i would say a bottle of perfume

2:00 PM

Blogger Fran98765 said...

Is is a tray to put stuff like perfume on?

2:16 PM

Anonymous wvsandy said...

Hi, I think that the mystery object is a brush.

3:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My first thought on the mystery picture was an old metal jewelry box.

Question: When you display pictures of people on your blog, do you have to get their permission? I've just wondered, not trying to cause any trouble or anything.

Aunt Anne

4:58 PM

Anonymous Lu-Ann said...

fantasyI finally found the post button! LOL Just popping in to say hello and thanks for all the cool add-ons to DD's daily download kit. I'm glad you were able to get rid of the bar. I was wondering why that big box was in the way? Not being too tech savvy myself, I didn't realize I should tell ya so you could "fix" it! Sorry! But it does look much better here now. Hope your day goes smoothly and that you are getting caught up on your sleep again!

5:31 PM

Blogger Kimberkatt said...

I just have to tell you how much I LOVE your photography! Touched or untouched, it's beautiful!!! I love the pic of the cherries and that bottom one of the duck... so cute!! I also wanted to tell you how AWESOME the new vintage stuff is!!! Very original! I'm adding it to my Kaboodle wishlist! LOL! Thank you for being a fabulous designer and offering unique and original items! :)

5:49 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your photos are really cool!

As for the CT's I think they are just flooding the gallery which makes a site boring. You see these people around and I think yeah, yeah, yeah...
I want to know more about the designer. Having one person with you is fantastic! Everyone needs a little help.
Good for you!
Yes, there are a lot of designers I would like to work WITH, but not in a pool of mass production.
I admire your thoughts on this subject and I hope everything goes well : )

8:24 AM

Blogger LVMommy22 said...

cyndi!!!! tell us what the photo is!!!! i'm dying to know, lol!

3:37 AM

Blogger Suz said...

Woohoo!! You have been given an award. :) Come check it out when you get a moment and have a wonderful evening!!
Suzee Q's Stuff

10:33 PM

Anonymous Barbara said...

Love the photo of that farmer's market guy!

I've given you an award...

10:25 AM


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