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4 comments | Thursday, June 12, 2008

Well, this is the underside of a tortoise shell, or part of it:

These 10 fantastic guessers figured it out and they are listed in order of their responses: Bobbie H, Relocateddixiegirl, Dianna, Gail, Wendirae, mshawnee1, Melanie, cjess, Alyson, and Dracowin. I am sending each of you a $5 gift coupon for my store, so thanks for guessing! This was fun, so I think I will do this more often!

Now, I've been tagged AGAIN! This time I was tagged by Rachel, and you can visit her and learn about her here: http://creationsbyrachael.blogspot.com/

Now I have to come up with 7 random facts that I haven't already shared and then tag 7 more people. This oughta be good....

First, I'm tagging these guys...some of my favorite people and designers:



Lindsay Jane





Now, here are 7 random ramblings that strike me right now at this moment as being quirky or unusual:

1. I bite my nails, have done so since I was a little girl and can't seem to kick the habit....no manicures for me! I don't own any nailpolish. Not even for my toes.

2. I weigh around 150 pounds but wear a size eight and I'm about 5"8. People can't believe me when I say that is what I weigh, but the scale never lies. And I have small feet for my height. I wear a 7 1/2 or an 8.

3. My favorite magazine is "Yankee" magazine, a magazine all about New England, although I've only vacationed there, never lived there.

4. On my way home from Guatemala many years ago, a really nice guy sat next to me on the plane. He told me he had a friend from Pittsburgh and that I should look him up sometime. His name was "Ron Cozell." He wrote his name inside the cover of the book I was reading on the plane so I could look him up and told me that he lived in the Fox Chapel area of Pittsburgh. Later that day, at the Dallas airport where I had a layover to Pittsburgh, I went to the bar near my gate to watch the Steeler game. I was sitting there watching the game and this guy sat down and started talking to me. I found out he was from Pittsburgh and we introduced ourselves. Can you believe that he was the guy whose name was written in my book--the friend of the man I sat next to on the plane? Ron Cozell was sitting in the Dallas airport not hours after I left his friend at the gate from where our plane from Guatemala landed. How unbelievable is that? That is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me or anyone else that I know for that matter. For a couple years after that Ron and I would run into each other at bars and night clubs and we'd tell everyone how we met and no one ever believed us. they laughed and thought we were kidding. We always joked that with our story, we should have been married! Wouldn't that have been a hoot! A Lifetime special for sure or at least an appearance on Oprah if we did marry. Anyway, this is a true life story, not made up.......unbelievable isn't it?

5. I went out with a guy who was Mormon and a rodeo/cowboy/doctor. That was interesting......he still comes to my mind a lot. Left an impression I guess. Never got him out of my system. Too mysterious. Ever have someone come into your life like that, someone you can't shake? Well, he is that for me....

6. I enjoy watching golf on televsion. Who would of thought? But I do. I learn from watching the pros and of course we whisper when we talk while they are playing....you just have to, they might hear you :)

7. I cook bacon in the oven. It is the easiest way and I'll never cook it in a pan again. Just put it on a foil lined cookie sheet, spray with nonstick spray, line up the slices of bacon and bake at 350 degrees for like 20-25 minutes, depending on the thickness of the bacon. No grease splatters all over the counter and no spurts to burn you. I don't know any one else that makes bacon this way. I saw it on FoodTV and I'll never go back to pan frying it again.

Okay, now you know even more weird things about me. I still think no one is ever going to beat number 4 on my list. It was just too freaky of an experience to forget.

So thanks for the comments and all the guesses today. I'm back on Sunday with Day 15's freebie but since it is Father's Day and we'll be out of town I won't be able to post the freebie until Sunday night. So don't think I forgot, I didn't....

Good night,



Anonymous Lainey said...

Wow!!! I tried for a while to guess what your photo was and the best I could come up with was a stone wall...What great guessers those ladies are!!!!

THanks for the lovely freebies!!!

9:29 PM

Blogger Anke said...

that was quite a story!!! do you still live in Pittsburgh? How come you didn't marry the guy, that would have been too funny!!!

10:03 PM

Anonymous Heather said...

Hi - I work at Yankee. I am so glad to hear that Yankee is your favorite magazine.

And I am 5' 9.5" and wear a size 8 1/2 shoe!

8:59 AM

Blogger whatkatiedid said...

Thanks for the tag on my blog! Now to think of 7 interesting things about myself....lol

I'm off to check out your designs now, I LOVE the look of those overlays!!

12:24 PM


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