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10 comments | Thursday, July 24, 2008

Until I logged in to blog tonight I didn't realize how long it has been since I posted! I have been so busy with so many things my head is spinning. First off, my youngest is turning two years old next week and the terrible twos have arrived a week early. And terrible should really be reserved for three year olds because my older son, who is 3 1/2 years old, is on the "terrible" list, too. Loads and loads of tantrums over the typical things---food, potty, diaper changes, naps and going to bed. And of course fighting over cars and trucks is another big issue and bound to bring on a trantrum with one or both of my boys. So I've been playing referee and tantrum control officer for what seems like a month.

But amidst all of this toddler behavior frenzy (the super nanny would have a field day at my house), I have managed to learn a little bit more about Windows Vista and just about all my software has been reloaded and installed on my new laptop. I still like my Toshiba and want to cry every time I see it, but this new laptop, which is an HP, truly is awesome. It has a HUGE screen and it is very "pretty" if you can call a computer that. So far, so good. I put it away in my backpack every time I am done with it to prevent little hands from causing major damage!

So between my boys being terrible two and terrible three and my computer issues, I haven't been able to blog, answer all my emails and finish new products. I've been also been busy putting together the previews for the August Download a Day at Divine Digital that I am doing with two other fab Divine Digital designers, CraftyBloss and Terrells. The theme is circus and the colors are bright and fun. I took kind of a "Cirque du Sole" approach to my portion of the kit and it was so much fun playing with fun colors and abstract patterns. I can't wait until August so I can start posting the previews of our kit, "Under the Big Top."

So here are the new products that I just put in my boutique at Divine Digital today. Click on each image to get to the product. And make sure you get all the way to the bottom for a commercial use freebie that I have for you tonight.....

As many of you may know, or perhaps are just finding out, I had some extraction issues with my vintage series of commercial use products. Basically they were not as "clean" as they needed to be for designers to use. So someone stepped up to the plate to give me a big helping hand. Right now she wants to remain anonymous but I know she reads my blog and I just cannot put into words how much her help and friendship means to me. It feels like I have an angel out there looking out for me and for that I am so grateful. My friend is going to help me put together at least two vintage products a month. I promise they will be beautiful as she does a fantastic job and treats each elements like it was her baby. She is a PSP user and I am going to learn from her how to become better at extractions. I now have PSP XI loaded on my laptop and I'm going to start using it for my lessons with her and perhaps do a little designing with it as I know there are a lot of designers out there using it and their products are fabulous.
If you have purchased a vintage product from me and have not redownloaded it in the past four days, please redownload to get the corrected files. If you cannot redownload because your links have expired or you have used them all up or you have deleted your invoice, please just send me an email, cyndi@divinedigital.com, and I will give you a coupon to purchase what you ordered and download it again. I appreciate your patronage and your patience.

On top of cleaning up all my vintage products so that are they are now all safe for purchase or redownloading, she put together a freebie for me to distribute on my blog. How cool is that? She extracted this flower from one of the flowers in one of my stock photo collections. She has called the freebie "Grow Your Own Flower" and in one file you get the petals, inside center and stem each on a different layer so you can recolor and play around with it or should I say "grow your own flower." So click on the image of one of my flowers (not the one she extracted) and have fun with it. Please leave a comment here on my blog or when you download so she can read how much everyone loves her flower freebie.

And while I am waiting for the freebie to upload to 4shared, I will leave you with a few images of my son in the pool with my dogs. Both dogs just jump right in whenever he is in the pool and it is just so much fun to watch. You'd think the black lab, Ernie (she is a girl believe it or not) would be the first one in the water but she isn't. Gyro, our german shepherd. is the first one in every time. She loves to dunk her head down in the water to fetch the toy shark. It is so much fun to watch. Enjoy.....




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great new things Cyndi! Sorry about the terrible twos and threes. It may have something to do with the weather. Play lots of soothing music, it calms the savage beast.

Thanks for the gift. So very kind of your friend to do this. I guess nice people just gravitate toward nice people!

Aunt Anne

10:36 PM

Blogger ladybug987 said...

I'm glad you have this wonderful "guardian angel"! What a kind thing for her to do.

Thank you for the lovely flowers.


11:18 PM

Blogger Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 24 Jul [LA 11:00pm] - 25 Jul [NY 01:00am, UK 06:00am, OZ 04:00pm]).

4:30 AM

Blogger the3chickens said...

Thanks very much to you & your friend for the gift :)

4:56 AM

Blogger angelscrapper said...

thank you very much for the gift much appreciated

10:12 AM

Blogger sheila said...

Thank you so much, Cyndi's angel :-), for this wonderful giftie! I know I will enjoy it.
I don't suppose you and Cyndi would work on some extraction tutorials for us other PSP folks that haven't learned how to do this????????????

12:14 PM

Anonymous Trisha said...

Thank you for the flower Cyndi. I love the pool pictures, looks like they had loads of fun :-)

4:02 PM

Blogger tnscrappn said...

Thank you for the lovely flower! Love the pool pics also!!!

6:28 PM

Blogger KissedByCari said...

This is wonderful! Thank you so much!


7:28 PM

Anonymous wvsandy said...

Cyndi's friend,
Thanks so much for the wonderful freebie! I'd also love to learn to do better extractions. Thanks for helping to keep Cyndi destressed so she can keep making pretty things for us. :D :D

12:12 PM


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