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10 comments | Monday, August 04, 2008

Blogging on vacation. Never did that one before. But it is raining and one son is playing with cousins next door and the other, my youngest, is napping upstairs, so what better thing could I do than check in with everyone via my blog.

We're on vacation and it is a lot of fun. Here is the rundown so far:

The house we rented on the coast of Maine belongs to the family of Jack Klugman, aka Quincy MD, Oscar from the Odd Couple. Now, you'd think this would mean nice beach house, right? Well this is a house meant to be in a Stephen King movie. Dark wood walls, candle scone fixtures, creaky stairs, broken windows, musty smell, moldy feeling, rattling noises in the attic (that is what my father says but he knows I am easily spooked), an iron claw bathtub that I swear is four feet deep if not five, wood peeling in every room of the house, mattresses so old I think they were here in the civil war, along with the stove and the sink. New fridge though, so I guess that is something to be grateful for. Whatever acting royalities he received for the Odd Couple and Quincy certainly didn't get invested into this place!

I'm certainly not grateful for the weather. Quite frankly, it sucks. And this house just sucks up all the humid air from Acadia National Park all the way down to Kittery where we enter Maine from New Hampshire. Damp, Damp, Damp. Rain, Rain, Rain. Tomorrow's forecast looks good though. But then the rest of the week is rain, rain, rain. But with lots of cousins to play with, my boys are happy. Afterall the large fleet of dump trucks can be pushed in the rain up to the beach, can't they? And there is always the snake in the garden out front that they love to hunt for and terrorize. As long as they don't bring it in the house I'm letting them be. I hate snakes. And we've watched more Red Sox games this weekend than I ever have in my life. I guess this is the time I should say "Go Sox." But let's just say I'm not a member of the "nation" yet.

Now for today's blog freebie and the DAD portion that is mine for "Under the Big Top." The first preview is the download found IN THIS THREAD at Divine Digital. The second is the blog freebie. Click on it to download. Remember, personal use only, be nice and say hi and send friends here to pick it up.

And while I wait for my blog freebie to upload to 4shared, I'll share some beach pics:

This is NOT the house we are in....this is a famous house that is built on the rocks overlooking the ocean......not in our budget for renting....

Lastly, I'll be putting out two commercial use grab bags on Thursday. Both will be overlay bags. And I will reveal them at Strictly Reveal, if they will have me. Both are all new and all commercial use okay, no credit required. Until then, the prices will remain low as they are in my boutique. I want to give people a chance who have never tried my products to give them at a test run on the cheap. So after I put the grab bags in my store prices will go back to normal. So don't wait too much longer if there is something you want and it is at the $2 price because it won't be that cheap for much longer.

Have fun with "Under the Big Top" and I'll be back on Thursday with another blog freebie, another download at Divine Digital for "Under the Big Top" and the release of my two commercial use grab bags for August.


Cyndi, Wetfish Designs


Anonymous Lea said...

the freebie link doesnt seem to load... maybe you can fix that

6:15 PM

Blogger stater said...

Lea... it's 4-shared itself that's the problem. I'd just keep checking back if I were you.


8:24 PM

Anonymous Lu-Ann said...

Seems to be fine now... TY4S your wonderful contributions to "Under the Big Top". I love the colorful allure!

11:54 PM

Blogger lovetocraftbetty said...

Thanks for giving us another link to download the Freebie Day 4 - very frustrating when the 4Share site doesn't work!
The extras are lovely, thanks for sharing them.

Your vacation pictures look great - love the house on the hill - now that would be a neat place to stay!!
Hope your holiday time is fun and relaxing.

12:03 AM

Blogger Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 05 Aug [LA 12:00am, NY 02:00am, UK 07:00am, OZ 05:00pm] ).

5:41 AM

Anonymous Lea said...

thanks it worked now ;)

8:20 AM

Blogger Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much foir another WONDERFUL extra!!!!!!!!
Love the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!

4:09 PM

Blogger Elizabeth said...

thanks for the freebie, sorry to hear you pulled the rain card, but at least the kiddos are having a good time. I guess little boys don't mind mud, huh!

10:45 PM

Blogger Angel's Imaginations said...

What a bummer that you're getting such a rainy vacation. but--what can you do? Looks like the kids are having a blast. Love the photos.
Thanks for today's freebie. Lovin' the cute kit. :)

6:25 PM

Blogger Suz said...

You are SOOOOO appreciated!! hee,hee :) I shared your wonderful “stuff” on my blog Wednesday. Drop by anytime, you are always welcome…I’m sorry I’ve been such a stranger. Suz :)

12:40 AM


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