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13 comments | Friday, January 23, 2009

Well, I am certainly a bad blogger. I just realized today that I haven't posted a freebie in a long, long time. To make up for it, I have a CU freebie today....but I'm gonna make you look through all the new stuff first! LOL!

Before we get on to really new stuff, did you pick up my set of Vintage Valentines here on my blog? If not, here they are again. These valentines are scanned, but not extracted. I didn't have the skills or time. So remember that when you purchase them. And they are commercial use, no credit, too. Click on the PayPal button beneath the animated preview to purchase....

I put a whole bunch of new stuff in my store, so check it all out and remember the winter sale coupon (code is wintersale), you get 50% off all orders over $15. I have a ton of new CU stuff in my store, so spending $15 and getting it for $7.50 shouldn't be too hard:

Link to my boutique:



And for my blog special this week, I have four sets of handmade clay layer styles for Photoshop. My friend, Christine McKelvie, a graphic designer and jewelry artist, made these beautiful tiles so we could give a partnership a try. So before we start creating handmade clay layer styles like crazy, we're going to try them out here on my blog and see how we do. So here they are....aren't they beautiful? They are all commercial use, no credit required. Each set is $2.99 and you save if you get all four sets since you only pay $8.99. All these layer styles (below and above) were created in CS3 and do work in PSE 4, 5 , 6 and 7. Make sure you add them correctly as adding them to the presets in PSE is a totally different process than PS.

So grab a couple or grab them all! Each set has a PayPal button beneath it that you just need to click on to purchase. If you want to grab all the styles, go to the last PayPal button. And after that there is a sample freebie so you can "try us out" for free. I hope you like them so Christine and I can start doing more and more graphics for Photoshop together!

Wetfish Designs Clay Styles Set 1

Wetfish Designs Clay Layer Styles Set 2

Wetfish Designs Clay Layer Styles Set 3

Wetfish Designs Clay Layer Styles Set 4

And, if you want to get all four sets and save at the same time, click on the button below and you will get all 16 styles, plus the freebie, together for only $8.99! So save and grab them all while you can!

And here is the freebie I have for you, a sample of the clay styles. Click on the preview to download and say "hi" when you do. This is a commercial use okay, no credit required freebie. Let me know how you like it and if Christine and I should keep the styles coming!

Have a fantastic weekend and I hope you enjoy the styles!


Cyndi, Wetfish Designs


Blogger Bobbie said...

I am totally diggin' all the new styles, they are awesome!! I might have to snag a few.
Thanks so much for the freebie too.

5:31 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, Cyndi! I love the new stuff! Those clay styles are amazing - especially set #4. I've just gotten brave and installed PSE 6.0 ... will the styles work in elements, or just full photoshop? I'm going to have to break a nearly 3 year dependence on DIP and learn to digiscrap in PSE, so until I learn the ins-and-outs, I've downloaded the freebie to testdrive. Thank you, sincerely, for that. Hope the winter is snowy, without being too annoying, up in PA. We're having the weirdest weather in GA... 18 degrees one week, and today it was over 60. Go figure!

Be well, and thanks, again!

5:48 PM

Blogger EnchantedCropper said...

Hi Cindy, You don't know me but I've been hanging around here and your store for awhile now. I think the new clay ideas are hot. i work with clay too, so I don't know why I didn't think of it. Open up a whole new area. I have a question for you if you have time. I'm wondering how you decide whether or not credit is required on your CU items? Thanks. And thank you for the freebie.

6:01 PM

Blogger Tracy Anderson said...

Hi Cyndi! First off, thanks for the freebie, its much appreciated!

I just bought your clay styles and I love 'em - can't wait for my download links :) I say, keep 'em coming - they are fabulous and unique!

7:44 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 23 Jan [LA 10:01pm] - 24 Jan [NY 01:01am, UK 06:01am, OZ 05:01pm] ).

4:37 AM

Blogger Shel said...

These are great! Thank you so much for sharing!

11:18 AM

Anonymous Agn├Ęs said...

Thank you very much.

4:56 PM

Blogger Manu said...

Great new styles, Cyndi!!
Thank you very much for the free style *love it*

5:42 PM

Blogger Sandy said...

Cyndi, thanks for the wonderful freebie! Love these clay styles..plan on getting the whole set after payday this week! Just wondering, though, since you know all those things I got for your blog, does your new grab bag have any of those in it? I would love to get it, too! Let me know. Thanks again!!

10:38 AM

Blogger Denise said...

Hi Cyndi! Thanks for the new stuff! I've just purchased the clay styles and think they will be much fun. I am wondering, while you all are thinking of new things, if you would consider creating the styles without fill so that they could be applied to anything without changing the color, if you KWIM. If you don't know what i mean, i'd be happy to 'splain if you respond and i'll write to you directly. Thanks again. Great work! I do not care you do not want to post this long comment, LOL. I can redo it with just the "thank yous" if you'd like. blessings. LLG.

6:26 PM

Anonymous Ann_Ominous said...

I really like the new clay styles. I do have a complaint on the freebie: it does not tile seamlessly. I realize it would be hard to make physical tiles that do join perfectly; however it is the change in color that makes it really look disjointed. Is there anything I can change in the effects setting to fix this?

6:20 PM

Anonymous Donna (Tootlebugz) said...

How cool and different! Can't wait to play with it.

Donna (tootlebugz)

2:40 AM

Blogger tasseau{Martillo} said...

you always tempt me with such gorgious stuff. oh well, it is terrific for sure.

grabbed up your new clays, you have such a talent and we are all lucky you share it with us.


12:43 PM


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