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0 comments | Saturday, December 20, 2008

I think that the topic of charity and my friend Laura has run its course. Please stop the comments that only aim to bring her down and make me mad. Flame on? You bet I will....

To the last comment made by Missy I say this: just because she has a cell phone, which is often cheaper than having a home phone and some people only use a cell phone as their main phone, and just because she bought her little boys Halloween costumes (it is cheaper to buy them than it is to make them these days AND you can get used Halloween costumes at thrift stores), and has pets does NOT make her a "handout" type of woman or citizen. I visited the link you posted "Missy" and it is a conservative website and boasts "christian" viewpoints. Well I am a conservative and a christian. And I don't see what either has to do with my helping a friend with a little grab bag that might help her get through the holidays in a little better shape than if I had done nothing. I'd do so if I wasn't a Christian and wasn't conservative. Actually, Christians and conservatives tend to be more giving and compassionate so you lost me. Would you rather she go beg on the street? Make her pets homeless? Deny her children the joy of a Halloween costume? Not have a phone? How Christian are you to suggest such things as being luxury items? And her husband going to school is an effort to improve their lives so they don't need help....can't you see that? In order to get out of the hole they are in he is going to school at night while working full time during the day so that they can all have a better life. How is that not the right thing to do?

Missy and everyone else who is coming here to shame my friend, well the party is over. I'm disabling comments. If you don't like it, too bad. Some people have gone too far. This is not a smack blog and I'll not tolerate trolls coming on my blog and trashing my dear friend and speculating about things that simply are not true. So for now I am no longer taking comments on this or any subject as I want to try and get myself back in the holiday spirit and not worry about what else is being said on MY BLOG that will make my friend more upset than she already is. So go hijack another blog to bitch on and insult people, this one is closed for you.

To everyone else that came here for their freebie, excuse the drama and enjoy the freebies. And if you think these trolls are wrong, purchase the grab bag and help me support my friend. That would be the best way to show your support:

And anyone who purchases my grab bag between now and Christmas for Laura will get a coupon for $5 to use on anything in my store. So in addition to the 16 CU products you are already going to get in the bag you will be able to purchase a few more on me. Forward me your invoice and I'll email you the coupon.


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